Friday, 15 July 2011

Gotta See It, Gotta See It, Gotta See It...

Ok, so maybe this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but if you hadn't already guessed form the title...I HAVE TOTALLY GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!! If i had to make a small linkage with fashion, then Emma Watson was firstly the face of Burberry for some time and now has become somewhat of a fashion icon. With her new elfin cut she has found herself gracing the cover of many a fashion mag. I think this bodes well with my fashion blog and makes it totally acceptable to post!!!

And just for good measure...

Emma Watson Vogue UK.

Italian Vogue.

Vogue UK December 2010.

And again...just to get the point across...

Gotta see it, Gotta See It, Gotta See It...!!!Xxx

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