Friday, 8 July 2011

It's Just A Little Crush...Again...And Again...

My love for Kate Moss will never disappear, no no! This is true to the core, a love that will never die!!! She is the Queen of the catwalk and as Whitters once sang 'The Queen of the night' she literally has everything you could want...the style, the body, the, the legs...the musician boyfriend! Admittedly, the whole drugs scandal was something she could have done without but her fame and fortune hasnt suffered!! Yes, she is the ultimate style icon, christ even Sienna Miller copies her!!
However, as much as it pains me to admit...i have found another love! Yes! Typical girl-next-door looks, a style to literally die for, a popstar boyfriend fronting one of the biggest Indie bands of recent years, Vogues cover girl (Junes ed.) the face of fashion weeks front row, this girl is everywhere...Alexa Chung...i bow down to you!!!

Christ, the girl even has a Mulberry bag named after her! Could she get anymore perfect??! The ultimate fashionista. She is my God...ess!!
Ahhhhh Alexa...I heart you!!!Xxx

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