Friday, 22 July 2011

Karl Does Macy's...

Ahhh only today to get through and then a well needed four days off. A trip to London and fingers crossed the sun will shine! Although, this is the UK, rain and 'possible thundery showers' (said in that really patronising weather woman voice) are more likely than sunshine!!! But i can cope with rain in anywhere but Leeds. The city is just so depressing and grey.
I did have a small pick me up this morning however and this came in the form of Vogue! (Did you really expect anything else??) Yes, i awoke to on the computer screen and the headline read 'High Street Karl'. My heart started racing at the prospect of Lagerfeld pieces starting from a ridiculous £30!!!!! Of course this joy was short lived when i then read 'His capsule collection for American high street store Macy's...' My heart literally sank. However, if you are fortunate to live in this fabulous part pf the world then i beg you to camp outside the department store on August 31st. Expect t-shirts galore, plenty of tweeds, feminine pieces mixed with tuxedo and more sculpted styles. His aim was to create easy-to-wear pieces wih a modern twist. I shall be living on eBay forever after this day waiting for the lucky, lucky American's to put their wears up for grabs!!!!!


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