Sunday, 31 July 2011

Love. Life. London...

Well, what a way to spend an unexpected not-hungover Sunday. (The latter isn't a usual occurrence for me!) Having enjoyed the experience that much i plan to make it happen much more often!!!
So, not feeling the need to lay on the sofa all day nursing a small headache, i was out of the house and parked up in town for 10:30am. No headache, no fuzzy eyes and absolutely no need for bottles of water and heavy breathing. Bliss!
Not really knowing what i was going for, i was just determined to spend some amount of money. Although saying that, my good friend Thomas did text me last night to tell me the new edition of Love magazine was out. And after an epic shopping trip i couldn't believe that i nearly left the poor thing still lying on the shelf! I do recall the last time i went to purchase this almighty mag, you may remember me telling you how i went back to exchange it for a different version of the same one! Totally shameful as my little Alf would say! Yet again i stood with two in my hands and one still on the shelf deciding which to go for (baring in mind the contents are exactly the same just the covers differ!!!) I eventually opted for the Chloe Moretz edition...

How is this even the same girl who appeared in Kick-Ass??? And now she's fronting one of the biggest fashion mags. Oh how i envy her so!
'Tis true what it says though '432 pages of Discipline, Obsession & Desire!' Thats longer than most books i have read in recent years!!! Well that's my night sorted at least! Keep me out of trouble!

The sales are still going strong in nearly every single shop. Although i have to say i only saw items worth looking at in Zara and Miss. Selfridge. Having said that, i saw my main purchase and then i couldn't concentrate on anything else until i went back to buy it! (Needless to say i did go back, but all in good time!)
Zara had some lovely floral blazers in, very Liberty-esque. Only having mediums and large left, this had to remain in the shop. My purse definitely breathed a sigh of relief.

Zara £19.99.
This one reminded me of a pair of elasticated waist jeans i had as a young girl! Ahh them were the days. The one i fell in love with reminded me of somewhere tropical (i just can't find a picture of it. Damn you Google!) With gold buttons on the cuff and one in the centre of the jacket, it was like a match made in heaven, but fate intervened and the sizes just didn't match me! Ahhh sad face!

Crop Boysie Shirt Miss. Selfridge £15.00.
Perfect with an added bow tie. Completing next seasons androgynous look at such a good price. H&M have some absolutely lush bows in at the moment aswell! I picked up a few just for good measure. Never one to miss a bargain me!!!

I have admired a certain bodysuit for a long while and have refused to pay almost forty quid for a simple jersey basic. Imagine my delight when i was a-wandering round Miss. Selfridge and came across this little bundle of joy...

And only a whole eighteen British tanned coins. Half the price and still as sexual. Love ittttt!

Of course all my purchases were centred around my new boots that i am ever so patiently awaiting. Ok, ok, i hear you, i have never been and never will be patient! It's just not something that comes natural to me. But i don't see this as a negative, far from it actually!
The first shop i entered today, whilst chatting excitedly to my bezzie in London town, who may i add, has bagged herself quite honestly theee most amazing pad i have ever seen. Fact! Anyway i digress, (this is becoming somewhat of a habit!!!)...Topshop was the shop in question. Yes, yes. So, i roamed the upstairs not seeing anything i liked, tackled the stairs in denim hotpants and wedges (yes, heels even on the Sabbath!) and there my eyes landed on the most perfect trench coat my eyes had ever seen. It was almost like that first meeting between two lovers...'Our eyes met across a crowded room!' In this instance they really did!!! It was the coat equivalent of the new flat. Simply divine. Beige in colour with leather sleeves (totally AW11 darling!) and leather belt, pristinely tailored with button detail on the reverse. Did i feel like a million dollars in it?? Pah!! Would i have bought it otherwise??!

Topshop £85.
A total investment piece if ever i saw one! Picture with the Louboutins, oversized shirt, a bow-tie or chunky necklace round the collar. Yesssss!
Let me see you swagger!!!

So, all-in-all a pretty perfect day. And all rounded off with Romancing The Stone. 'Just Joan!!' Katherine Hepburn is to die for in this film, just a shame she wound up playing a drag queen in Friends years later. Major blip in the career i think!!!

Oh and just so you can understand how fit this flat are some pics...

That door is my favourite part. A typical image for a typical fashionistas flat!!!

Happy, Happy Sunday!!!Xxx

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