Monday, 18 July 2011

A Man's Best Friend...

Ladies, here is what you have all been waiting for. No more do you have to cringe when your boyfriend comes a-calling looking like he's just crawled out of bed. No more do you have to have him following you around seeming as though he has just tagged along after a heavy night! Now you can oh so subtley introduce him (or just blatantly force him!!!) into downloading GQ's new iPhone app. It's in association with Mr. Porter and basically tells all men all the fashion do's and the daily fashion faux pas that so many of the poor things commit daily! Gentleman, you now have no excuse to disappont your lady friends or indeed your male friends. Don't be the one they all dread asking out for fear of what you may come out in! This app is nothing short of amazing, from interviews to dates, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Don't delay boys, if you want to be ahead of the time and seek SS12 fashions then i suggest you trade in your embarrassing Nokia (or whatever you kids use these days) get a new cellular device in the form of an iPhone...and download this seventh wonder of the world! (Hmmm, maybe a tad dramatic but i sure do see some car crash looks about!!!)

Here are just a few small looks for you. I have to say i did more than enjoy looking at these on this rainy Monday afternoon...perked me up somewhat...especially the superb finale...well, i enjoyed it...

Paul Smith SS12.
Minimal and classic in its style. Navy blues with added terracotta, coral and grey in the colour palette. Typically English and perfect for the modern man.

Acne SS12.
As sharp in the cut as it is in the flesh. Still working the slightly short trouser teamed with a cable knit of sorts. Ideal for the boy around London Town!

Raf Simons SS12.
These shoes have to be the best pair i have seen since this seasons oh so wonderful Pradas. Beautiful to the extreme!
Bright coloured leather tank tops and pastel mac coats will be dominating the catwalks for Simons next season. Perfect.

Roland Mouret SS12.
As seen in Paris recently, this next collection is very 50's inspired. What with the wide legged trousers and slicked back hair, you will feel all ready to go drink shakes at the local drive-in!

Lanvin SS12.
My favourite by far.
Dark colours, pinched silhoutetes, bowl is all very reminiscent of his time at Slimane-era Dior. Nonetheless, the blues, burgundies, blacks and browns fall effortlessly in sync with the looks of the season. Very melancholy and minimalist. Perfect for the mysterious man drinking at the bar...!

Dsquared2 SS12.
And now, i am speechless...!!!

So, really what are you waiting for?? There is a look out there for everyone. Ease yourself into it boys. Ditch those low-crotch jeans, military boots and tees with vees lower than than they need be!
You can do it with just a little help form our good old Mr.Porter!!!Xxx

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