Saturday, 2 July 2011

'Ode To A Sale Shopper...

New jeans. Check.
New boots. Check.
New tattoo. DOUBLE check.
Fat arm. Not cool.
Worth it?? Hell yes.

Ahhh you can tell its pay weekend. And there is nothing finer than it. However, having shopped and inked i fear i need to calm down for a good few weeks. Although my purchases were more than worth it so staying in the odd weekend will do me no harm at all!
This time of year is always set to be the best for me. Not only because of the hotness (picnics, beer gardens, topless driving...obviously i mean the roof down...) but mostly because its SALE time!!! Like music to my ears.
I attempted a few of the shops yesterday and, i have to say, it wasn't the most pleasant experience. I believe there should be certain rules for this kind of game. People need to be aware that having that many bodies rammed in one small place does carry certain health and safety fails!! Yes, yes this is the manager in me...although if i'm honest having that many people breathing all their many germs is what really gets to me. My poor tube of anti-bacterial gel doesn't know whats hit it sometimes!
You need to figure out the best times to visit these places. Topshop for example, has some fine bargains in. I bagged a flowery shirt for twelve whole pounds. Ideal. Midday wasn't the time to tackle this fashion hotspot so i opted for the smaller branch further out of the centre. And i did this with a pushchair! Christ.
High-street sale shopping should be done on ones own. Raking through rail upon rail of clothes is time-consuming and what you don't need is someone stood there looking bored out of their brains. You have to start out the day knowing what you are heading to the shops for, this may go out of the window when you spot that must-have item, but stay strong and focused. Arriving early is always the best. Not only do you get the most amazing bargains but you get to browse with ease and even try on. You know for a fact that within a few small hours the place will be overrun with hyperactive teenagers.

Topshop Suede Popper Skirt £20. Suede is set to be massive this coming season and i do believe Alice & Olivia have an identical one for AW11.

Topshop Leather A-Line Skirt £20. Another must have for the next season and at such an amazing price!!! Perfect.

Topshop Frill One-Piece, again £20!! Holidays not yet arrived?? Well heres where to holiday shop cheaply! I will most certainly be taking advantage of that!

Marc By Marc Jacobs £125! Perfect colour for the summer. Loose, feminine and oh so pretty pretty. Team with a pair of cork wedges, tousle those garden watch out!

Emma Cook Leather Shorts. Slightly pricey at £110 but you should see these little beauts. They almost have a wet-look feel to them. Summer night out, chiffon blouse and a nude heel or wedge. Top knot, bright lips and dewy skin...if you're a single lady then the boys better beware. Sure to be the belle of the bar!

Ladies, stay focused. Leave the kids and partners at home, hit the shops and don't stop until you drop!!! Good Luck!!!Xxx

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