Friday, 8 July 2011

Tan's The Way To Do It...

I fear i am turning into a proper girl! I now have my own hair (for these who know know what i'm on about!!) and i have nails!!! It is all very scary i have to say, however, i am quite liking it. Grown out shaved bits and acrylics in place of normals...christ i will be getting fake tans next....erm, maybe not! I did zumba and this is as far as i shall go! Having been offered a 'fake bake' last night, i feel i escaped rather well, should they catch me i shall be unrecognisble. Luckily for me olive skin worked in my favour in the Summer of '83!
However, if you aren't so blessed in the skin department and feel somewhat like a giant milk bottle in your bikini. Then heres some of the best tans around, it not only gives you that summer glow, but it slimlines the bod, boosts the confidence and makes you feel like a whole new woman! (I admit, i have tried these and loved evey minute of pretending i had just returned from some foreign clime!!)

Sienna Tan is a personal fave. Mostly as my sister uses it in her salon!! But, also because it is oh so natural, non streaky and doesn't have that added smell of bread...niiiiice! If you're looking to drop a dress size then don't go down the route of unhealthy diets just slap this on yourself!! It has the exact same outcome but doesn't leave you yearning for your favourite afternoon snack!!! Sienna has been featured in many a magazine and has also been featured on 'Daybreak' (I myself am normally watching One Tree Hill at this hour!) It really is one of the best tans around!
Always, ALWAYS make sure that you have exfoliated properly before application, there is nothing worse than clogging on the skin and dry patches. Body scrubs of any sort are ideal! Sienna tan gives an oh so perfect summer glow!

'The best slimming fake tan...ever!' Sienna £19.95.

He Shi tan i first saw applied at an event a couple of nights ago. I have never seen one develop quite so quickly. It instantly bronzes the skin upon contact, leaving a subtle non-streaky colour in its wake. You can top up for a deeper colour and, almost like a tinted moisturiser, carry on applying daily to ensure a perfedct healthy summer glow every day. This comes in the liquid gel at £37, a foaming mousse for £27 or a daily gradual tan for a mere £14.50. You can then add all the other bits and bats, such as moisturiser and exfoliator so you have the full collection. It is suitable for any skin type and the prices are perfect for anyone on any budget.

Xen tan was said to the the tan of the season and i can easily see why. Again it comes in an intense mist, a deep bronze a 'transform' moisturiser. And the best way is to speak to the experts to see which is best for you depending on how you're wanting your tan to look. Either way you will be left with a perfectly honed olive streak-free tan. Instantly sreamlining that body and soothing and nourishing the skin at the same time. It will provide a gorgeous colour for up to seven days and confidence that will last even longer!!! And its a snip at only £29. Just again, remember to apply with a mitt, as with all tans. This will ensure a smooth aplication with a flawless finish!

If like me you prefer to just have a light coverage to hide blemishes on the skin, then i can hightly recommend Garnier Holiday Sun. You can pick this up in Boots, Superdrug...pretty much anywhere! Normally retailing at about £5 it will last you all summer and the colour is so natural. Make sure that you have exfoliated and when applying you have covered every area! It rarely streaks and is so light on the skin that you barely notice its existence, just the perfect colour it leaves behind. You can top up daily and as many times as you want.

No more do you have to head to the beach looking like you haven't seen sunlight in a year. Rub in that tan, slip on the bikini and strut your way to the dunes in style. So you wanna drop a dress size?? Then here's the way to do it that won't leave Mother trying to force feed you! Happy Tanning!!!Xxx

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