Monday, 4 July 2011

Who The F**k Is Alice?!...

Now there have been many fashion icons in the world over. Far too many to list! We all buy magazines with the likes of Aggy, Alexa and the newly married Mrs. Hince gracing the cover. Infact, if truth be told they are the resaon i buy quite so many fashion mags a month. However, just sat relaxing on this sunny Monday, my last day off also (boo!) i came across one of my first girl crushes. The girl who inspired my shaved sides for so long. (I feel she pulls this look off farrrrr better than i ever did, but in my head i AM her!!!)

Ahhh, Alice first, my only...

This girl literally leaves me speechless (and believe me this isnt something that happens to me often!!!!!) From her signature shaved sides to her hot pants and Docs. This girl is the eccentric factor the face of fashion needs. Beautiful, unique and oh my god SOOOOO effin hot!

Who the f**k is Alice??

Well i think we all know the answer to that!!!Xxx

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