Thursday, 14 July 2011

Who's That Girl???...

Normally posing as some kind of...well, what can can only be described as a Barbie wannabe. She has the token pink convertible (Bentley may i add!) the handbag sized dog...(ahem, i totally have one of them!) and long blonde (extensions!) locks to finish off the look.

This, however, was until a team of stylists took over and made her into what i can only call a 60's sex kitten.

Kitted out in a Versace leather, McQueen thigh-highs (Yesssss! A girl after my own heart!) and a Yoji Yamamoto coat, Malibu Barbie was a shadow of her former self...

...So, Who's That Girl?? Why its only our very own Paris Hilton!!! GASP!!!!!

Her looks are to die for, the blunt fringe, the smoky eyes and the leather clad totally hot body! Think Bridget Bardot come Lady Gaga!! Odd?? Yes, but we love it!
Prepare to see more of our little old Paris looking less Barbie-fied in her new documentary 'The World According To Paris', watch this space people! Paris as you have never seen her before. Perhaps our favourite multi, multi billionairess is finally growing up!!!Xxx

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