Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I Know You Want Me, You Know I Want You...

Fall 2011.

That is all xxx

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Where For Art Thou Perfect Jean...

Now, on a daily basis i meet women who come into the store searching for the perfect pair of jeans. 'Do they even exist?' i hear many of them say. Yes, yes indeed they do! And it need not be so painful in your hunt for them. Just follow these basic steps, breathe deeply, have a healthy and hearty breakfast and brave the shops!!!

Step 1 - Look for jeans with stretch. No, i don't mean for you all to purchase a 'jegging', these are not a good look on all shapes! Instead you want a pair with comfort stretch, hides a multitude of sins (that sumptious cream cake you just devoured after your low cal. salad! Ooops!!)and holds in others! They also allow for support, IF you get the correct size that is! Just check the label for a lycra blend.

Step 2 - Choose dark denim! You have heard how black is slimming right?! Well dark blue and black are the denim equivalent. And they are so much easier to dress up should you want to wear them out on an eve. Team with a crisp white shirt, a pair of killer wedges and you are good to go!

Step 3 - You need to find the right fit! Relaxed fits have a lot of fabric and 'give' in the thigh and hip area. Whereas slim fits are slim all the way from waist to ankle. They need to fit uber-tight and stay that way during the course of the day or night! No one likes a baggy jean!! And an 'easy' fit jean gives that straighter look throughout. And is absolutely fantastic for the curvaceous woman!!

Step 4 - Opt for a bootcut - Just like a cinched waist shows off a broad shoulder, well a bootcut shows off a shapely hip and bum! They nicely balance out the hip area and teamed with a heel, they elongate and slim the leg! A bell bottom may not be for all of you (even though the 70's trend is bang on this season) but they really are sheer perfection on the boy shape, apple and pear shape! Balancing out the round bits and showing off the long bits, who could ask for anything more?! J-Brand 'Lovestory' or 'Bette' are most definitely your best bet yet!!

J-Brand Lovestory.

J-Brand Bette.

Step 5 - Get the right back pocket - A pocket on the derriere looks great as long as it's not too small!!! A perfectly sized pocket thats in proportion with with the rest of the jean makes a rounded bum look rather sumptuous. Paige denim is the way to go, they offer a larger selection in terms of pockets. And as the jeans get bigger in size, so does the pocket. Nicely perfecting a womans asset!!

Paige Hidden Hills. Not only the perfect pocket, but also a bootcut and with stretch. Could they possibly be the perfect jean??!

Step 6 - The rise of the jean - A dipped front can give the illusion of a longer top half! Plus it makes jeans more comfortable, none of that digging in!!! A high-rise is one on my favourites, creates an amazing silhouette and looks fab when you tuck your tops in and wrap around a thin patent belt! The For All Mankind 'Kimmie' are flying off the shelves as we speak, showing off a dipped front and a contoured waist. Adored by the younger and the older generation. So what are you waiting for??!

For All Mankind Kimmie.

Just make sure that you are feeling good (this really is the key!) out with a bestie and ready for some serious shopping. Pull on those flats (with some killer heels in the bag) and hit the shops!!!Xxx

Monday, 29 August 2011

The One With The New Chapter...

In the aftermath of a most subdued weekend, it is now non-stop until take off. Meetings and nights out with friends and family alike, all to bid me farewell, to see me on my way. Anyone would think that i was going to outer Mongolia, when i am infact staying in this country. Ah well, i am most certainly not complaining, but instead looking forward to the chats and laughs to come!

My little friend Lucy was messaging me earlier on today. As i failed to make her bank holiday outings i wanted to hear all the gossip from said adventures. She and a few friends attended a garden party, which always conjures up images of ladies drinking punch and playing croquet in their finery. Well, sorry to spoil the little pictures there, but that couldn't be further from the truth! However, i am lead to believe a good time was had by all. She was also telling me how i simply have to watch the film 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Her exact words were 'Changed my life...It's like the bible...I came away thinking daaaaaaamn i've been a loser, never again!!!' I imagine all women the whole world over will identify with this film. I recall watching it one night and then falling asleep. I think i most definitely need to give it another go!!!

Funny isn't it how people seem to collapse under the strain of a relationship breakdown. Oh and i'm not singling out either sex as the culprit. I have seen the down-trodden men and the heartbreaker women who do it as part of their nature and career. But then i have seen the men who are eternal commitment-phobes and the girls who lock themselves away as though suffering with grief. Neither ever gets away lightly! Why do we constantly give people so much of our time?! Especially people who have more than proved that they're not worthy of it, or of our love or pretty much everything we have given them! You then spend a whole lot more time learning to forget and learning to move on. Getting over the tears and everything else that happens as a consequence. Its almost like we as humans enjoy the drama, enjoy the tears. I mean don't get me wrong, who doesn't love people organising nights out to cheer you up, taking on the hard times along with the good??! For once being the most important person. Being It! But then there comes a time, that you say 'No. No more' and you change your thoughts, your actions, your whole view on life...

...there comes a time when you realise that sayings like this are so bloody true! This is when you start to make plans, make changes. See that certain things in life are just not worth the hassle, because if they were then they wouldn't cause so much pain. People are given far too much importance, people who aren't even deserving of it. Yet other folk just stand waiting, just milling in the wings. Ones who almost go unnoticed but never ask for anything. Never want more than you are willing to give and never take you for granted. These are the people who know when to stay silent and know when to offer a shoulder when the time is right...and to these people i will remain forever grateful. For listening to my sorrows and sharing with me my joys (which definitely outweigh the former!!!) and for backing me in my new beginning...

...So here's to fresh starts, new places, new faces.

Here's to my new ending and the new chapter that will get me there...Xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pure. SEX...

The Girl Who Has Everything...

No Words Needed!!!Xxx

Cobra Society...

Absolutely fallen in love with new bohemian shoe designer Cobra Society!

Debuting for AW11, this stuning collection of boots combines modern geometric shapes with the traditional shapes and colours of Morocco. Uber-ethnic chic! Alex Davis, the LA based designer, draws inspiration from her travels in North Africa, using traditional Kilim fabric that is hand-woven in the Middle Atlas Mountains - meaning no two boots will ever be exactly the same!!!

All are hand woven with brushed leather!
The prices range from £640 for the ankle boots up to £1020 for the thigh-highs! Whether worn with denim shorts and tees for that perfect festival charm or opaques and 60's inspired shift dresses, they will be a winner everytime!

Already with a celebrity following you sure will stand out in the crowd in these handcrafted booties!!!Xxx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Feels Like Heaven...

Well the time is nearing for me to bid farewell to good old Leeds. Little over a month ago this was all but a dream and soon enough i am going to be living my ultimate dream. Yes, as of next Sunday my city shall read London. How bloody exciting. I think this definitely deserves and requires new clothes, shoes...the whole shebang! Having already fallen in love with my delightful Acne wedges, i feel i now need a statement bag...the ONLY thing i need on my arm, day or night!
Now the following bags are well out of my price range, however this is why Mr. eBay founded the amazing sight that is like shoppers paradise. Infact i think one of these bags is like two months rent, so basically saying that i could live on the street but carry around a Louboutin bag...i could be persuaded!!!!!

Alexander Wang Robyn textured leather hobo £825.
Even form the picture i can tell how amazingly soft that leather is actually going to be. Not only is the shape ideal for packing anything and everything (typical woman!) but the colour is more than bang on trend!

Miu Miu Mattelasse leather clutch £275
Again, the colour is everywhere this season. Wear it with black, pinks, greys, greens. The clashier and trashier the better. Slip in the credit card, lipgloss and phone and you are ready to paint the town...purple??!

Christian Louboutin Edie rabbit and leather bag £1165
Sex. Love. It. This piece of utter amazingness would do me for the rest of whole life. Honestly!!! Perfect colour, bit of leather, touch of fur. Its like a whole season thrown into one item of sheer perfection!

DKNY Colour-block leather tote £294
Totally fitting to the DKNY collection this season. They are still pulling the colour-blocking of last season and its simply going from strength to strength. This bag doesn't disappoint, perfectly sized, muted tones, ideal for a shopping trip with the ladies!!!

Alexander McQueen Brocade Swarovski crystal skull clutch £725
McQueen never falters with any of his collections. If anything they just get stronger every season. This doensn't even require words. I shall let it speak for itself...

Oh. My. God. Imagine my delight when perusing these fine pieces of artwork, when i just so happened to stumble across a pair of shoes i have searched for, for like ever!!! I first noticed them on the packaging for House of Holland hoisery. A fine wedge if ever i saw one. I googled them, i did everything humanly possible...and then they came to me...ahhhhh! My life is complete!

Charlotte Olympia Bowie striped wedges.

Oh hello eBay!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Legend Of Fashion...

Just casually reclining in the baking sun of the South, sun lounger, glass of rose, The Sartorialist book in hand (pure paradise!) and Elle collections, I feel as though I may be in seventh heaven! The Houlihans (J-Brand) proved to be somewhat of a sun-stopper so they simply had to be removed, now i know why when selling them i always say 'They look great with a chunky knit and ankle boots!!' They should never, and i repeat NEVER be worn in this kinda heat! The weather guys really need to start getting the right info, my fashion life revolves around it!

I thought I should take it upon myself to start researching the fabulous DVF history and collection. Obviously i have worked with the brand for some time now, but with the prospect of meeting the directors, I feel a tad more product knowledge may be more than relevant.
The work she has done is unbelievable and from what started out as a wrap dress has now resulted in a long list of awards and adversaries too long to mention! She is an avid backer of womens rights and of people who continually strive to make change happen in communities across the globe.
This Lady is no ordinary fashion designer she is a lover of life, a believer of equality!

Her new collection is nothing short of sheer amazingness. Not only do we have her signature print on her oh so feminine designs, we also have a touch of leather, crochet, gold, red, fuschia and black. The most perfect relationship if ever i saw one!

Fall 2011 Runway more than speaks for itself...take a sneaky peek for yourself...

A woman of this stature deserves numerous pictures posting of her infmaous designs. Stepping away from her signature wrap but still embracing the natural womans style. She epitomises feminine chic and never fails to inspire women all over the world!

So let us be upstanding for our very own Diane von Furstenberg!!!Xxx

Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In...

Hazlewood Castle definitely pulled through for us last week. Still as breathtakingly beautiful as it were nine years ago, the day was possibly even more perfect!!
More children to add to the mix and the thought of much happier times ahead...if i could relive the day again i wouldn't change one thing about it. My big sister looked even more beautiful and glowing than she did first time around (which is hard to beat let me tell you!!) And to top it off i was serenaded with a round of 'Happy Birthday' and presented with my very own Princess cake!!

The setting was beyond amazing as was the sunshine and indeed the dresses. Big Sis Emma wowed the crowds in a BCBG by Max Azria maxi, whilst i wore...ahem, H&M...! (And then teamed the grecian number with my token ankle socks and Opening Ceremony ankle boots...well come on would you have expected anything else??!) Mother donned a champagne coloured Karen Millen halter, with Claire in floral Monsoon and Charlotte in a sheer multi-coloured maxi!

Oh and of course not forgetting...

Another year older and most definitely another year wiser!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

These Shoes Were Made For Walking...

Well, after a few days off the radar (and by radar i mean without my trusty laptop) I have just gone internet crazy! And in the process found the most fabulous shoes courtesy of eBay. I think i need them all, which i know i know is most unlike me...(oooh sarcasm! Don't you just love it??!) I can now add the majority of these to my ever-growing 'Must-Have' list. Which, i was most pleased to find out other people have too! My bestie said to me on the weekend (whilst just casually strolling around Portobello market) 'Do you add things to a mental list that you just want to buy?!' To which i answered the most almighty 'Yesssss!' To find out i'm not the only shopaholic and fashaholic (is that even a word?!!) in my world was most enlightening!!!

Get your laughing tackle round this fine lot...

Acne Admire Wedge.
My first purchase. Not only are they by one of my most favourite designers, but they are just so typically me. Not your average boot i think we can all see, almost with a wrap effect and oooh the beloved wedge. Ahhhhh bliss!
Who needs a man when you can have shoes like this in your life. They go everywhere with you, revel in the happy times and supprt you through the drunk times, literally! And to top it all off they don't answer back or wind you up!!!!! You can't possibly let these pass you by, they most definitely don't come along that often!

Jeffrey Campbell multi-glitter platform.
And then walked in this fine pair. Almost a play on Dorothy's shoes. I wonder if i click the heels i will be immediately transported to another world?? Oh hang on a second, i am doing that anyway!! Maybe these will make my move a little easier. Sure to glam up any LBD. Pure perfection.

Jeffrey Campbell Raid Platform Wedge.
I think my favourite part is the silver section on the bottom of these little beauties. Lace-ups remind me of school days, and oh how pretty they would look with my new birthday ankle socks (purchased form good old Harvey Nichols don't you know??! With many thanks to the bestie!)

Jeffrey Campbell Lana Platform.
And last, but definitely not least is this piece of fine shoe. Perfectly in keeping with this season, as are all of the above. Out-landish, unique platforms. Perfect with skinnies, leather minis or sheer maxis. Clash the fabrics and the looks, go against any fashion rule ever made.

Be the high-school rebel, push down the knee-highs and pull on the platforms. Roll up the skirt but be sure to leave the bow-tie exactly where it sits. Ahhhhh, you will be a girl after my own heart!

Girlies, i will see you at the auction!

Happy Bidding!!!Xxx

Monday, 22 August 2011

LDN, I Heart U...

New name. New life. New start. Could i simply ask for anything more?? Well yes actually, i would start with the Chanel bag and Hermes bracelet that i have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with!!! But they can wait. First stop, big move to London town. So i suppose i should add 'New city' to my list. Things just couldn't be any more perfect (obvs the aforementioned items would finish it off nicely...) but in the words of my all time fave John Lennon...'It's Just Like Starting Over'...and indeed it is!
London has to be my most favourite place at the moment and i do have a list of places i like to visit. Normally Camden and Brick Lane hit the top, however ths time i ventured down old Portobello! I was so pleased that the market was there and all the little vintage and antique places were doing a roaring trade. The weather was as perfect as the lace shirt i picked up for a small £12. Donning the sunglasses, cons and my signature ankle socks i worked my way around the stalls whilst Fran purchased a real fur. And she even managed to barter the man down form 65 to 50. He totally did himself out of money there, but hell who cares. She definitely came out the winner!!! The whole weekend was beyond amazing and it was a perfect end to my final week of holiday. Sitting by The Seprentine in Hyde Park with a rather refreshing Sol in hand to walking around the lake watching roller skaters do their was hard to believe that i was only a mere 2 1/2 hour train journey from home!


Charlie's Tea Rooms down good old Portobello.
(We fed ourselves up on Sausage sandwiches before hitting the stalls! Best start to the day!!)

I could have watched these guys all day! Who'd have thought that roller skates would have come back into fashion. Makes me wish i'd kept my neon pink and yellow ones i had way back when!! Although, there is no way on this earth i could have done the moves these guys were...out of this world! And i would imagine an amzing way to keep fit. So come on ladies, what are you waiting for!! I would maybe leave the knee and elbow pads at hime though, not very vogue!

I couldnt have asked for a better birthday weekend, start to finish...

Ahhhhh London, i shall indeed be seeing you soon! You have once again done me proud!!!Xxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

We're Going To The Chapel...

Far, far, far too much to look forward to on this week of holiday! Not only do i get two nights in a castle, yes, an actual real-life castle. Oh gosh, we are going to be like modern-day Princesses. I say modern day as i don't imagine fairytale ones get tans, false eyelashes and wear biker jackets with the silk gown! Obviously the latter is in reference to me, i leave the tans and such like to the sisters. Oh yes, i am indeed teaming my dress with ankle socks, boots and a good bit of leather. Come on, i have to make the tattoos fit somewhere! Tears and dancing will make up much of the days festivities, in that order aswell! Then nicely topping off the week with birthday weekend in the land of the Smoke, yes, yes, i shall be celebrating turning 28 in London Town. Pretty perfect week if you ask me! New dresses, dancing 'til the wee hours, family times and celebrations with the besties down South. Ahhhhh...!

I have searched every site imaginable to find a picture of my Grecian inspired dress and simply cannot find one anywhere, so i'm afraid its a waiting game before any pitures will be released! Oooh the anticipation!! Although its totally going to be worth it to have photos and dancing by moonlight in such a perfect setting...for a perfect couple...