Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ambition (to) Create Novel Expressions...

What a week.
Planning a fresh start, the arrival of some beautiful boots, bagging some Houlihans for a tenner...yes you read right TEN WHOLE POUNDS!!!!! Must be the bargain of the year! A day off on the moro is now most welcome.

I think the highlight of the week had to be the training Acne deliverded to us (and no, it wasn't on the skin disease!!!) maybe the highlight was actually the rather beautiful boy who arrived from said brand. I think i fell a little bit in love...
Anyway, i digress. The AW collection is nothing short of amazing, and i have to say that i would quite happily buy every single piece of it. It incorporates the 60s trend, shift dresses and colour blocking! The Teddy-boy (or girl) look, with the heavy leather. I can totally picture some young waif in it (think Alexa!!!) with a little swing dress and beetle crushers. Silks, crepes, wool, shearling, totally jumping on board with the clashing fabrics of this season. There really is something for everyone. You can pick up a dress for £240 or a shearling for over a grand. Whatever your budget, Acne will totally pull through for you. And whatsmore, the shoes are winging their merry way to us as we speak. Check out the heeled brogue. Fit-nesssss!!! (the boy and the collection, double the fun i say!)

Just a small snippet of what you can expect from the divine Acne for AW11. Yellow, massive for this season. The jacket also comes in black and grey. The maxi is perfect for the day and night, team it up with the leather and be the Fashionista about town. The envy of all your friends...and enemies!!!!!

A far cry from the wedges of previous seasons. The brogues are totally in keeping with the whole androgynous style and the pistol ankle boot is constantly Acne's top seller! Think i need to get me some of those!

Well, i think i know who my heart belongs to this season. Acne and the oh so amazing boy who comes with it. Oh what a chore it will be dealing with him on a weekly basis. I just don't know how i'm going to manage...

Ahhhhh, swoon!!!Xxx

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