Saturday, 27 August 2011

Feels Like Heaven...

Well the time is nearing for me to bid farewell to good old Leeds. Little over a month ago this was all but a dream and soon enough i am going to be living my ultimate dream. Yes, as of next Sunday my city shall read London. How bloody exciting. I think this definitely deserves and requires new clothes, shoes...the whole shebang! Having already fallen in love with my delightful Acne wedges, i feel i now need a statement bag...the ONLY thing i need on my arm, day or night!
Now the following bags are well out of my price range, however this is why Mr. eBay founded the amazing sight that is like shoppers paradise. Infact i think one of these bags is like two months rent, so basically saying that i could live on the street but carry around a Louboutin bag...i could be persuaded!!!!!

Alexander Wang Robyn textured leather hobo £825.
Even form the picture i can tell how amazingly soft that leather is actually going to be. Not only is the shape ideal for packing anything and everything (typical woman!) but the colour is more than bang on trend!

Miu Miu Mattelasse leather clutch £275
Again, the colour is everywhere this season. Wear it with black, pinks, greys, greens. The clashier and trashier the better. Slip in the credit card, lipgloss and phone and you are ready to paint the town...purple??!

Christian Louboutin Edie rabbit and leather bag £1165
Sex. Love. It. This piece of utter amazingness would do me for the rest of whole life. Honestly!!! Perfect colour, bit of leather, touch of fur. Its like a whole season thrown into one item of sheer perfection!

DKNY Colour-block leather tote £294
Totally fitting to the DKNY collection this season. They are still pulling the colour-blocking of last season and its simply going from strength to strength. This bag doesn't disappoint, perfectly sized, muted tones, ideal for a shopping trip with the ladies!!!

Alexander McQueen Brocade Swarovski crystal skull clutch £725
McQueen never falters with any of his collections. If anything they just get stronger every season. This doensn't even require words. I shall let it speak for itself...

Oh. My. God. Imagine my delight when perusing these fine pieces of artwork, when i just so happened to stumble across a pair of shoes i have searched for, for like ever!!! I first noticed them on the packaging for House of Holland hoisery. A fine wedge if ever i saw one. I googled them, i did everything humanly possible...and then they came to me...ahhhhh! My life is complete!

Charlotte Olympia Bowie striped wedges.

Oh hello eBay!!!Xxx

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