Monday, 22 August 2011

LDN, I Heart U...

New name. New life. New start. Could i simply ask for anything more?? Well yes actually, i would start with the Chanel bag and Hermes bracelet that i have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with!!! But they can wait. First stop, big move to London town. So i suppose i should add 'New city' to my list. Things just couldn't be any more perfect (obvs the aforementioned items would finish it off nicely...) but in the words of my all time fave John Lennon...'It's Just Like Starting Over'...and indeed it is!
London has to be my most favourite place at the moment and i do have a list of places i like to visit. Normally Camden and Brick Lane hit the top, however ths time i ventured down old Portobello! I was so pleased that the market was there and all the little vintage and antique places were doing a roaring trade. The weather was as perfect as the lace shirt i picked up for a small £12. Donning the sunglasses, cons and my signature ankle socks i worked my way around the stalls whilst Fran purchased a real fur. And she even managed to barter the man down form 65 to 50. He totally did himself out of money there, but hell who cares. She definitely came out the winner!!! The whole weekend was beyond amazing and it was a perfect end to my final week of holiday. Sitting by The Seprentine in Hyde Park with a rather refreshing Sol in hand to walking around the lake watching roller skaters do their was hard to believe that i was only a mere 2 1/2 hour train journey from home!


Charlie's Tea Rooms down good old Portobello.
(We fed ourselves up on Sausage sandwiches before hitting the stalls! Best start to the day!!)

I could have watched these guys all day! Who'd have thought that roller skates would have come back into fashion. Makes me wish i'd kept my neon pink and yellow ones i had way back when!! Although, there is no way on this earth i could have done the moves these guys were...out of this world! And i would imagine an amzing way to keep fit. So come on ladies, what are you waiting for!! I would maybe leave the knee and elbow pads at hime though, not very vogue!

I couldnt have asked for a better birthday weekend, start to finish...

Ahhhhh London, i shall indeed be seeing you soon! You have once again done me proud!!!Xxx

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