Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Legend Of Fashion...

Just casually reclining in the baking sun of the South, sun lounger, glass of rose, The Sartorialist book in hand (pure paradise!) and Elle collections, I feel as though I may be in seventh heaven! The Houlihans (J-Brand) proved to be somewhat of a sun-stopper so they simply had to be removed, now i know why when selling them i always say 'They look great with a chunky knit and ankle boots!!' They should never, and i repeat NEVER be worn in this kinda heat! The weather guys really need to start getting the right info, my fashion life revolves around it!

I thought I should take it upon myself to start researching the fabulous DVF history and collection. Obviously i have worked with the brand for some time now, but with the prospect of meeting the directors, I feel a tad more product knowledge may be more than relevant.
The work she has done is unbelievable and from what started out as a wrap dress has now resulted in a long list of awards and adversaries too long to mention! She is an avid backer of womens rights and of people who continually strive to make change happen in communities across the globe.
This Lady is no ordinary fashion designer she is a lover of life, a believer of equality!

Her new collection is nothing short of sheer amazingness. Not only do we have her signature print on her oh so feminine designs, we also have a touch of leather, crochet, gold, red, fuschia and black. The most perfect relationship if ever i saw one!

Fall 2011 Runway more than speaks for itself...take a sneaky peek for yourself...

A woman of this stature deserves numerous pictures posting of her infmaous designs. Stepping away from her signature wrap but still embracing the natural womans style. She epitomises feminine chic and never fails to inspire women all over the world!

So let us be upstanding for our very own Diane von Furstenberg!!!Xxx

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