Friday, 5 August 2011

On The Street...

So the scaredness is turning into excitedness for my imminent move. Yikes! Its actually real. Already i am shopping, throwing caution to the wind and buying what i actually want for a change. 'Cos lets face it you could walk down Portobello in a circus tent and no one would bat an eyelid. (Not that i intend to do so you understand!) As for Leeds, well, i think we all know the clone culture that breeds up 'ere in the North!! Boys with pinned up jeans really aren't my bag sugar!

Spotting street style has got to be one of my most favoured past times (apart from collecting Beatles paraphernalia as a kid!!) I could seriously people watch all day. Not picking people apart, but taking items from different peoples outfits and piecing them all together to create unique looks.

Just a few of my fave London style pics.
Festival chic, fashion week bloggers, from simple denim to colour blocking mis-match!
These people are the epitomy of cool.

Not to mention this small group...

Bow ties.
The most perfect accessory on any outfit
Impeccable style.
Boy or girl.

And then theres this, my ultimate look for the ultra fashionable man about town...

Velvet (fabric of the season) blazer, casual shirt and chino, slightly cropped mind you, just the way we like it, all topped off with a lovely desert boot.

Just another (albeit rather formalised) take on my ideal suitor, Nick Grimshaw.

London, you have done me proud!

How i shall be honoured to call you my new home!!!Xxx

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