Monday, 29 August 2011

The One With The New Chapter...

In the aftermath of a most subdued weekend, it is now non-stop until take off. Meetings and nights out with friends and family alike, all to bid me farewell, to see me on my way. Anyone would think that i was going to outer Mongolia, when i am infact staying in this country. Ah well, i am most certainly not complaining, but instead looking forward to the chats and laughs to come!

My little friend Lucy was messaging me earlier on today. As i failed to make her bank holiday outings i wanted to hear all the gossip from said adventures. She and a few friends attended a garden party, which always conjures up images of ladies drinking punch and playing croquet in their finery. Well, sorry to spoil the little pictures there, but that couldn't be further from the truth! However, i am lead to believe a good time was had by all. She was also telling me how i simply have to watch the film 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Her exact words were 'Changed my life...It's like the bible...I came away thinking daaaaaaamn i've been a loser, never again!!!' I imagine all women the whole world over will identify with this film. I recall watching it one night and then falling asleep. I think i most definitely need to give it another go!!!

Funny isn't it how people seem to collapse under the strain of a relationship breakdown. Oh and i'm not singling out either sex as the culprit. I have seen the down-trodden men and the heartbreaker women who do it as part of their nature and career. But then i have seen the men who are eternal commitment-phobes and the girls who lock themselves away as though suffering with grief. Neither ever gets away lightly! Why do we constantly give people so much of our time?! Especially people who have more than proved that they're not worthy of it, or of our love or pretty much everything we have given them! You then spend a whole lot more time learning to forget and learning to move on. Getting over the tears and everything else that happens as a consequence. Its almost like we as humans enjoy the drama, enjoy the tears. I mean don't get me wrong, who doesn't love people organising nights out to cheer you up, taking on the hard times along with the good??! For once being the most important person. Being It! But then there comes a time, that you say 'No. No more' and you change your thoughts, your actions, your whole view on life...

...there comes a time when you realise that sayings like this are so bloody true! This is when you start to make plans, make changes. See that certain things in life are just not worth the hassle, because if they were then they wouldn't cause so much pain. People are given far too much importance, people who aren't even deserving of it. Yet other folk just stand waiting, just milling in the wings. Ones who almost go unnoticed but never ask for anything. Never want more than you are willing to give and never take you for granted. These are the people who know when to stay silent and know when to offer a shoulder when the time is right...and to these people i will remain forever grateful. For listening to my sorrows and sharing with me my joys (which definitely outweigh the former!!!) and for backing me in my new beginning...

...So here's to fresh starts, new places, new faces.

Here's to my new ending and the new chapter that will get me there...Xxx

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