Friday, 12 August 2011

Take A LOOK...

Yet again the fashion weeks are fast upon us. Just about recovering from the colour blocking of last season and still flirting with the brights in this transition period, the shops are now brimming with all the glitz and glamour of the up-coming season. Sequins, lace, leather, polka dots, its a total fashion frenzy right from Primark to the dizzy heights of Harvey Nics. Quite literally the season where anythig goes, clashing prints, sheer fabrics and fur galore. You want it?? Well heres where to get it!

Make like Stella this season and go wild in polka dots. Have double the fun and try out a bit of androgynous chic

Zara never lets us down. Polka teamed with metallic, the button up shirt with black slacks...
The girl being the boy about town.
Perfect image for AW.

Head down to Topshop to take a step back in time to the Teddy boy era...

The New Mod.
Long blazers, cropped blazers, button up shirts, cropped houndstooth chinos and the only footwear to don...the beeltecrusher.
(If you're lucky enough to reside in London, Rokit have an amazing collection of these!)

Loving this leather sleeved jacket. Indeed, not a total bargain at £170, but perfect with the cropped trouser, sparkly dress or mini skirt.
And whilst we're on the sunject of minis. This has to be the only way to accessorize them this season, forget tights (until the icy Winter rears its ugly head) its all about the ankle socks...

Go crazy with brights or subtle with nudes. Make it work, whatever the heel, whatever the occasion!

I could go on and on and on...but i think its clear to see that fashion pretty makes up my entire life.

Fashion is all around us. In the people we work with, the streets on which we walk and in the architecture of our City. Yes. Fashion has now become part of our everyday lives. No matter your age, race, size...we all conform to some kind of 'fashion'. And i indent the word as some people still insist on saying 'they aren't fashionable'. Well, i'm sorry to say, but if you get up on a morning and peruse your wardrobe, wondering what colour to wear, or what shoe to wear with your favoutire chino, then you have most definitely caved. You are now a true victim of fashion!

Would i like to be front row of a live fashion show?? Blogging away throughout its entirety?? I think the answer very much speaks for itself. The models cascading down the runways showcashing fashions finest collections, the buzz, the excitement.

Whether im there or at home, i will still somehow be at the forefront of the fashion weeks...

...Good Luck to all!!!Xxx

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  1. Good luck :D