Monday, 15 August 2011

We're Going To The Chapel...

Far, far, far too much to look forward to on this week of holiday! Not only do i get two nights in a castle, yes, an actual real-life castle. Oh gosh, we are going to be like modern-day Princesses. I say modern day as i don't imagine fairytale ones get tans, false eyelashes and wear biker jackets with the silk gown! Obviously the latter is in reference to me, i leave the tans and such like to the sisters. Oh yes, i am indeed teaming my dress with ankle socks, boots and a good bit of leather. Come on, i have to make the tattoos fit somewhere! Tears and dancing will make up much of the days festivities, in that order aswell! Then nicely topping off the week with birthday weekend in the land of the Smoke, yes, yes, i shall be celebrating turning 28 in London Town. Pretty perfect week if you ask me! New dresses, dancing 'til the wee hours, family times and celebrations with the besties down South. Ahhhhh...!

I have searched every site imaginable to find a picture of my Grecian inspired dress and simply cannot find one anywhere, so i'm afraid its a waiting game before any pitures will be released! Oooh the anticipation!! Although its totally going to be worth it to have photos and dancing by moonlight in such a perfect setting...for a perfect couple...


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