Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Where For Art Thou Perfect Jean...

Now, on a daily basis i meet women who come into the store searching for the perfect pair of jeans. 'Do they even exist?' i hear many of them say. Yes, yes indeed they do! And it need not be so painful in your hunt for them. Just follow these basic steps, breathe deeply, have a healthy and hearty breakfast and brave the shops!!!

Step 1 - Look for jeans with stretch. No, i don't mean for you all to purchase a 'jegging', these are not a good look on all shapes! Instead you want a pair with comfort stretch, hides a multitude of sins (that sumptious cream cake you just devoured after your low cal. salad! Ooops!!)and holds in others! They also allow for support, IF you get the correct size that is! Just check the label for a lycra blend.

Step 2 - Choose dark denim! You have heard how black is slimming right?! Well dark blue and black are the denim equivalent. And they are so much easier to dress up should you want to wear them out on an eve. Team with a crisp white shirt, a pair of killer wedges and you are good to go!

Step 3 - You need to find the right fit! Relaxed fits have a lot of fabric and 'give' in the thigh and hip area. Whereas slim fits are slim all the way from waist to ankle. They need to fit uber-tight and stay that way during the course of the day or night! No one likes a baggy jean!! And an 'easy' fit jean gives that straighter look throughout. And is absolutely fantastic for the curvaceous woman!!

Step 4 - Opt for a bootcut - Just like a cinched waist shows off a broad shoulder, well a bootcut shows off a shapely hip and bum! They nicely balance out the hip area and teamed with a heel, they elongate and slim the leg! A bell bottom may not be for all of you (even though the 70's trend is bang on this season) but they really are sheer perfection on the boy shape, apple and pear shape! Balancing out the round bits and showing off the long bits, who could ask for anything more?! J-Brand 'Lovestory' or 'Bette' are most definitely your best bet yet!!

J-Brand Lovestory.

J-Brand Bette.

Step 5 - Get the right back pocket - A pocket on the derriere looks great as long as it's not too small!!! A perfectly sized pocket thats in proportion with with the rest of the jean makes a rounded bum look rather sumptuous. Paige denim is the way to go, they offer a larger selection in terms of pockets. And as the jeans get bigger in size, so does the pocket. Nicely perfecting a womans asset!!

Paige Hidden Hills. Not only the perfect pocket, but also a bootcut and with stretch. Could they possibly be the perfect jean??!

Step 6 - The rise of the jean - A dipped front can give the illusion of a longer top half! Plus it makes jeans more comfortable, none of that digging in!!! A high-rise is one on my favourites, creates an amazing silhouette and looks fab when you tuck your tops in and wrap around a thin patent belt! The For All Mankind 'Kimmie' are flying off the shelves as we speak, showing off a dipped front and a contoured waist. Adored by the younger and the older generation. So what are you waiting for??!

For All Mankind Kimmie.

Just make sure that you are feeling good (this really is the key!) out with a bestie and ready for some serious shopping. Pull on those flats (with some killer heels in the bag) and hit the shops!!!Xxx

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