Thursday, 29 September 2011

Winged Perfection...

So much to look forward to...babies, jobs, birthdays...the excitement is sky-high! As a result i could go on total fashion overload, however, i don't want to ambush everyone with a whole load of 'fashionologie!' So one post at a time.

Now if you read stylist magazine (i get it every Wednesday outside the station! Brilliant tube reading and i have even mastered the art of reading whilst swinging around a pole!!! No, no don't get excited i haven't taken up pole dancing!! I am referring to holding on while the tube swings me from pillar to post!) you may have already seen this. But i felt i had to post it after getting asked regularly how i have perfected my signature eye flick!

Having been wearing liquid eyeliner for the past four years i now have it down to a T!!! And at somne points it has been rather exaggerated. My Amy Winehouse stage was my personal fave and i several times had it called out to me whilst walking down the street! This was no insult to me. The girl was an absolute legend!

Gone are the days of me applying and then wiping it off due to uneven eyes! Should i use a thin brush or a thick brush??! Should i try a more expensive brand??! Well ladies the search for that perfect eyeliner is totally over...

In comes Dior's Velvet Eyes. A set of stick on winged transfers! The pack contains a socketed wing, a black studded wing, a crystallised wing and a classic sixties style shape! And it gets even better, they are totally re-usable. Which at £47.50 a pack is like music to the ears...or eyes!!! You simply press each one to the lash line and then apply your lashes! Just like falsies they will make your 'getting ready' time so much quicker, easier and stress free!

So, go on girls! Get yourself out there and give them a try. I assure you you will never look back!

Oh gosh, i can just imagine what my little niece is going to look like in a couple of years. How young can girls get tattoos these days, hmmmmm??!!!

Get ready for some serious posts hitting you over the next couple of days! As hyperactive isn't even the word!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Made In...Heaven??!...

Totally in love with this guy...his style, his looks (goes without saying), his...well, just absolutely bloody everything...


(OK, so not particularly fashion orientated, however sometimes these things just speak for themselves!!)


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week SS12...

Milan Fashion Week is well under way and the pics being posted and tweeted are definitely my idea of fashion heaven. Oh to be there, not to be a fashion snob or anything but, Milan really knows how to throw a fantastic party!!! From Gucci to Missoni, to Dolce men looking virginal in white! It just gets better and better. This is why i am going to let the pictures do the talking and at a later date i will throw some speech at you (probably after watching the hours of video footage!!!)

So, enjoy people...

Fendi SS12.

Giorgio Armani

Burberry Prorsum

Ermenegildo Zegna SS12.


Versus SS12



Roberto Cavalli.

Jasper Conran

And last but by no means will see what i mean by that...


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend Perfection...

And so here i am, after a weekend with the family (receiving the best news that not even i could have anticipated) back in London with laptop and Downton Abbey on the box! Perfect Sunday eve with the bezzie and lovely memories from the most perfect weekend! Acne skirt got another airing, new bag and shoes were bought and nephews showered me with hugs...I couldn't have asked for anything more!!!

I don't think the folk of Glinton were ready for velvet leggings and t-shirts that donned the words 'The Queen is Dead'...however, this didn't interfere with the joyous weekend. And a major plus point (aside from the obvious) is that Friends is back on Comedy Central!!! Rachel and Phoebe used to be my fashion inspirations...the sleeveless denims, tied-up denim shirts, cropped tops and high-waisted pants! I want to live in early 90's America!

Next stop...New York...although, I don't think that the Northern Line travels that far...!!!Xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Homeward Bound...

I shall now have to endure one whole weekend without blogging! I can feel the sweat rising to the surface at being parted from my darling laptop. Although it did seem a tad excessive to cart said laptop all the way to Leeds in a simple over night bag. Especially when travelling on tubes, which may I add, I was trapped on with a wasp this morning!! OK, maybe I wasn't trapped but it sure felt like it!

And so fellow bloggers, readers, whatever you may be. I bid you farewell for a few small days whilst I recover from my late nights of fashion shows and work!

I shall now get back to my magazine in a bid to stop my heavy eyes from closing and my head rolling around...most attractive!

Happy Weekend to one and all...especially to those in London with the delightful weather and of course to my beauties in Leeds!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jukebox Jury...

What started out as a quiet afternoon walking down the Southbank resulted in a pretty amazing eve with the bezzie! The gallery was seriously pleasing, it made me want to go die my hair peroxide blonde, grab myself some curves and go pose for some iconic photographer!!!
We decided upon leaving that we simply needed food. So, we wandered over to Soho and stumbled across an American diner that has to have been straight out of Back To The Future. I was half expecting to see Marty McFly and Biff fighting in the corner! There were juke boxes on the table and classics blasting out of them! I wanted to don some roller boots and start serving shakes and fries. I definitely need to return here, a burger and a Corona was the best meal i have had for a while!! Both healthy and nutritious i feel! (Those in the know are aware of my lack of culinary skills!)

I sought out all my 20p's for the juke box, opting for 'Let's Go To San Fransisco' while Fran chose 'Bye Bye Baby.' There wasn't a still person in the whole diner. Perfect atmosphere all round!

We carried on our walk through Soho searching for a tattoo parlour when we came to a small pub. Bizarre interior welcomed us here! I have to say i was loving the stuffed animal heads on the wall. But when mixed with the disco ball...well, it just threw me a little. We thus decided to return to Balans. Our favoured bar way back in February. The trip that turned me into a wannabe Londoner!! We drank several cocktails, and i am lead to believe that you can also have breakfast here after a night painting Soho all kindsa colours! And oh it didn't stop there. As the fresh air hit us we got our second wind and returned home to Kennington and straight into the pub! Wine was on the menu and lots and lots of talking and laughing. (Mainly at the carpeted bar front however!!)

London will never cease to amaze me. Some days i have to pinch myself to see if i am actually here. To see if i have actually made this move and it's not all a dream! I half expect me to pack up some days and go home...just like an extended holiday! Then i remember, oh no Lucy, you are home! Very, very surreal but completely, utterly amazing at the same time!

So, not one to disappoint, i have of course brought you some pics of the places that captured my heart on the 20th day of September!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Little Black Gallery...

Well the Glamour of the Gods most definitely didn't disappoint. Only small in its entirety but worth every bit of space and every bit of the £6 enrty fee! Pictures of movie stars from...well, from the beginning of time! It's amazing to see real women. Curves, grace and elegance. It disappoints me when you can't take photos in galleries, they would have made for the most amazing post! So, i guess you will have to just go along and see for yourself. And whilst you're there check out the next exhibition that is certain to get a visit upon my return from home lands!

The Little Black Gallery is London's boutique photography gallery. It was set up by Tamara Beckwith, Lindsey Carlos Clarke and Ghislain Pascal in November 2008. It is also home to the Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation and has a permanent room of work by the legendary photographer.

The latest must-see attraction is Terry O'Neill: It Girls and Boys. An exhibition of iconic photographs by the legend himself. It is running from 2nd September 2011 - 22nd October 2011.

Other pictures feature Jean Shrimpton, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn and Peter Sellars...oooh i could go on forever!

Roll on next week and let me get there!

This sounds like heaven!!!Xxx


The best ad campaign for Marks and Spencer i think i've ever seen...(if this doesn't boost sales for them then i don't think anything will)...BEAUTIFUL!!!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LFW Rocks...

London Fashion Week is well under way and my inbox is non-stop with updates, pictures and constant emails. The front-rows are as celebrity packed as ever and their outfits are simply to die for!

AW11 better watch out as SS12 is ready to kick some serious fashion ass!!!

Just a few front row pics...check out Samantha Cameron (BFC Ambassador) and Anna Wintour still rocking her signature bob and oversized sunglasses. That woman epitomises uber-chic style!

Matthew Williamson for SS12.
Still working with the animal prints and block colours. The sheer fabrics are so Williamson. Feminine, full of sex appeal and oh so elegant!

From elegance to total clashing madness. Inspired by the typical London girl (perhaps his bezzie Aggy??!) the collection for SS12 just goes from strength to strength!

Jaeger London. Up-and-coming and going nowhere. From when i was dragged around this shop as a kid to what it has transformed into is nothing short of phenomonal. Reaching out to all ages, the SS12 collection is totally accessible and seriously wearable! L.O.V.E the hats (I am all over hats this season!!!)

Burberry SS12.
From the bright orange of this season to the bright green of next. Bailey can't help but inject some colour into every collection. Still as sleek and as chic as ever. The trench still rocks and the fans remain as loyal as ever.

I could go on, and on and on (you get the picture, right??!) But there are still so many shows to watch and so many more blogs to read. So, i bid you all farewell for now. And upon my return i shll bring you news straight from the heart...Louise Gray, Temperley London, Giles, Pilotto and Kane! Ahh, far too many to mention. (I understand that i may be running a day late...take into account work and play and trips to the Art Gallery...i have become so much more cultured!Haha!)

Ciao for now darlings!!!Xxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I Love McYOU...

And here i am , completely, utterly, head-over-heels in absolute heart-wrenching, mouth-watering L.O.V.E luuurrrvvvveeeee! A bit of a mouthful to read i understand and i'm not sure it even makes 100% sense. But love isn't mean't to make sense, is it??! Ok, ok, i'm more than sure you are all wondering what specimen can make me declare my undying love live on blogger! Well, it is most definitely not any being of the mankind (sorry guys!) It is indeed a mere item of clothing, one that i feel i may have to sell my soul for...

McQ cape.
A whole £1405 and totally worth every penny.

Leather with shearling collar and lining, black (perfect!), just above the knee in length and just absolutely to die for. You have to try it on if nothing else. Perfectly compliments any outfit, smart or casual! Ideal for the chilly nights out and as a cover up it is second-to-none.
The hanger does it justice as does the person wearing it, I assure you it suits every body type and any age!

So, what can i sell on eBay next??? Hmmmmm!!Xxx

Glamour Of The Gods...

So, i have now been living in London for two whole weeks. The second definitely better than the first!! Who said it was easy to pack up your troubles in the old kit bag??! However, routine has set in and i am starting to feel like i belong. Just put in place a trip on the northern line and the piccadilly line instesd of mothers Audi and its almost like being in Leeds. Only without the home cooked breakfasts, dinners, pack-up for work and washing done...Christ, remind me why i have done this again! Only five days time and i get to see my beautiful mum, sisters and nephews. (I imagine it's like being set free on day release from prison!)

Days off this week consist of catching up with the bezzie and returning home! I have muchos excitement for our planned trip to the Nationl Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Of course i went in my first week, to be fair i could pretty much go everyday. I never tire of it. However, they currently have an exhibition on that we planned to see together so i held off and fought temptation (something i am becoming a bit of a pro at!!)

Showing there for a short while is 'Glamour of the Gods: Hollywood Portraits'. Advertised in tube stations all over London, this is definitely not one to miss. Housing pictures of a 16 year old Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Marlon Brando...

"More stars than there are in heaven" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.)

The joys that await us!!

Only £6 entry to see films of years gone by unfold before your eyes!


Saturday, 17 September 2011