Sunday, 11 September 2011

Acne...I'm All Over It...

The imminent arrival of my new Acne wedges nicely coincides with tomorrows purchase of a new Acne skirt. This is causing unnecessary stirrings in the bladder department. (Tena Lady at the ready. Something i didn't anticipate happening for some years now!!) The excitement is almost too much to bear. However, i do have to thank my HN Leeds crew for the delightful vouchers they presented me with upon my departure. Without these i most definitely wouldn't be buying said skirt. And let me tell you, this skirt is pure, unadulterated SEX! And of course, an outing has already been planned in honour of my new favourites. Come on, this is me here! Here goes dating, London style!

Acne Admire Wedges. YESSSSS!

I have no words for this...

Maxi skirts are still very in this season, as are dresses. Team with a heavy knit and clash with the sheer chiffon on the lower half. L'Agence, MM6 for Opening Ceremony, Emma Cook, ALC, Alexander Wang...they are literally everywhere. Wear with Cons or ankle boots, perfect for every occasion. Almost a dressed-up yet dressed-down option for day or night!

On with my black biker and studded trilby, yeah i reckon i am pretty much good to go!

Dressing to impress?! Yes i probably am, but i might aswell do it in style eh??!Xxx

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