Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Adventures In The City...

Today has been slightly non-stop! I left the house, with a small hangover at about 8:45 and returned at 5:30. I would say just in time for a Friends fix but to my shock it is now no longer on E4! I don't think this news has quite sunk in yet, Friends is a massive part of my life. And, yes we are talking about the programme. Anyway, i digress. So...today! I have been to Trafalgar Square, The V&A, Camden Town, back to Trafalgar to the National Art Gallery and then a walk around St. James' Park and a trip to Buckingham Palace. I feel like i have definitely made the most of my days off. AND i even navigated the tubes all on my own. Very proud i was!

The V&A i have to say, was most impressive. The fact that you could take pictures inside impressed me greatly. I remember going as a kid and not really taking much in, i absolutely loved it today. There is one must-see exhibition called 'The Power Of Making' all very modern and eccentric. I took a few pics of 'artwork' in there that i did fall in love with.
The first one was this amazing dress that the artist had made out of pins. Yes, you read right, pins!! 100,000 of them to be exact. Almost reminiscent of something McQueen would produce, extremely grand and totally O.T.T.

The artist is Susie MacMurray. And the theme is based around widows. Sensual yet litertally stand-offish!

The second is this beast...

Artist Ben Wilson used 110,000 Swarovski crystals to make this. It was attracting a hell of a lot of attention. Normal procedure in museums is 'No photos please', my day was made when i saw flashes everywhere i turned. Total photo happy!!!

The other sections included, the renaissance, medieval, Japan, China, Islamic. I took a liking to the renasissance area, funny to think that even all those hundreds of years ago, clothing was still a massive subject. It was seen as an important expression of social standing and wealth. It was almost essentail that men carried a sword, and they were fashionable accessories. Imagine seeing someone carrying that down the street, i think they would have armed police charging at them!!!

And, then here are just some pics of my adventures on my second day in the Big City...enjoy!!!Xxx

I don't think i shall ever tire of London!
And i 100% promise that the street style shots will be coming soon!
So watch this space!!!Xxx

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