Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bright Lights, Big City...

Well, here i am! I've done it! I'm in London, in my new home, unpacked and far too many clothes to fit in the wardrobe! AND i threw enough away to keep a small store running for quite some time! So, obviously the first thing you do when in a new city and home is blog!!!!! Typical me i would say! Actually the first thing i did was put Home Alone II on (my favourite installment) and opened up the only food i could find in my bags...Jammie dodgers bought as a leaving gift by my good friend Jack. I was that hungry it could have been a Sunday dinner they tasted that good!!!

Driving through London made me realise i have so done the right thing. I was pretty nervous before departure but as soon as i saw the City itself, i knew that i was home. Passing the V&A, The Natural History Museum (both of which are going to get visits this week!) Tate Modern, a Beatles shop. Lord, i was in my element. Not that i will ever remember where that shop was but i will hunt it out somehow! Just a couple of days before i start work will give me enough time to get lost around the city and stumble upon hidden places! I can't wait to get started!

Armed with camera, you street-stylistas better watch out! Ima coming!!!Xxx

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