Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bye, Bye Louboutin...Bye, Bye...

And so the thigh-high dream is laid to rest. What once was the greatest dream of all time is now mean't for another patron Saint of the Louboutin. Admittedly, this probably will result in being one of the greatest regrets also. But after one wear i realised that we were just not mean't to be. A sad fact. But a true fact. The constant pulling up, straightening out, re-aligning of the zips (I almost had a metre ruler out measuring them!!!) No, I had to come to the conclusion that boots like this were simply not mean't for an OCD sufferer like myself. More than aggravated the sitiuation!! And this didn't bode well with day-to-day activities. So, the time came for me to bid farewell to the almighty sexual pieces of leather. (I nicely did it the day i left Leeds so the goodbyes and tears weren't multiplied!) Oh, how i wish you a safe journey to your new home.

But having said all of this, to all you bloggers and readers out there. Please, please, i cannot stress enough pleases, do not let this deter you from investing in THEE boot of the season. They literally are everywhere, from flats to heels, they are adorning celebs, models and catwalks the world over.

My new favourites are the Vanessa Bruno. Available in brown and black, i saw them on a customer the other day and her legs were transformed into lenghty, sumptuous delights. Perfect for a stroll around Hyde Park or drinking with friends in oooh take your pick...Hoxton Pony?? Brick lane music festival??! (Yes of course yours truly will be there!)...

Vanessa Bruno £750 (total bargain!)

Alaia £1555.

Burberry Nappa Leather £950 (my fave!!!)

My fashion queen Stella McCartney. They may be faux leather but are a total snip at £595. Everyone needs a bit of Stella in their lives!

So, just to reiterate, don't be put off by the leggy boot! They are sheer amazingness, i felt like an actual goddess in mine! Just, when you try them on have a walk around and make sure you ask the assistant what the leather is like, the brand etc. All leather gives in time but some maybe more then others. Mine felt like they were made from butter, glorious against the skin...just not so much when they were slipping down revealing a bit too much of some censored places!!!Xxx