Friday, 9 September 2011

The Cult...

Event numero uno. Done. These late nights are like a different game in London. People actually would shop all night if you let them. So, Vogue fashion night out was another big hit with the pop-up shop and the designers themselves in store. (I knew there was a reason i moved to London!!!) Christopher Raeburn just popped up to say hi and models strutted around in their wears! Can't complain at that!

Celeb-spotting was in full swing and so were their wallets! But we certainly weren't complaining at that. The buzz that surrounds these events is phenomonal and certainly the kinda place i could imagine myself hanging out! The true fashionistas out in their masses doing what they do best. If only i could have caught a glimpse of Bond Street at this hour to see the festivities prove most popular amongst fashions finest!

Oh i think it's more than true to say that fashion is taking over the world! Not only a way of life but almost a Cult, a way to live your life by. 'Thou shalt not turn thy cheek on being uber-cool!' Ok, so perhaps the rules would be slightly more elaborately put...but you get my drift, right??!

Ciao for now darlings!!!Xxx

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