Sunday, 18 September 2011

Glamour Of The Gods...

So, i have now been living in London for two whole weeks. The second definitely better than the first!! Who said it was easy to pack up your troubles in the old kit bag??! However, routine has set in and i am starting to feel like i belong. Just put in place a trip on the northern line and the piccadilly line instesd of mothers Audi and its almost like being in Leeds. Only without the home cooked breakfasts, dinners, pack-up for work and washing done...Christ, remind me why i have done this again! Only five days time and i get to see my beautiful mum, sisters and nephews. (I imagine it's like being set free on day release from prison!)

Days off this week consist of catching up with the bezzie and returning home! I have muchos excitement for our planned trip to the Nationl Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Of course i went in my first week, to be fair i could pretty much go everyday. I never tire of it. However, they currently have an exhibition on that we planned to see together so i held off and fought temptation (something i am becoming a bit of a pro at!!)

Showing there for a short while is 'Glamour of the Gods: Hollywood Portraits'. Advertised in tube stations all over London, this is definitely not one to miss. Housing pictures of a 16 year old Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Marlon Brando...

"More stars than there are in heaven" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.)

The joys that await us!!

Only £6 entry to see films of years gone by unfold before your eyes!


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