Friday, 23 September 2011

Homeward Bound...

I shall now have to endure one whole weekend without blogging! I can feel the sweat rising to the surface at being parted from my darling laptop. Although it did seem a tad excessive to cart said laptop all the way to Leeds in a simple over night bag. Especially when travelling on tubes, which may I add, I was trapped on with a wasp this morning!! OK, maybe I wasn't trapped but it sure felt like it!

And so fellow bloggers, readers, whatever you may be. I bid you farewell for a few small days whilst I recover from my late nights of fashion shows and work!

I shall now get back to my magazine in a bid to stop my heavy eyes from closing and my head rolling around...most attractive!

Happy Weekend to one and all...especially to those in London with the delightful weather and of course to my beauties in Leeds!


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