Sunday, 18 September 2011

I Love McYOU...

And here i am , completely, utterly, head-over-heels in absolute heart-wrenching, mouth-watering L.O.V.E luuurrrvvvveeeee! A bit of a mouthful to read i understand and i'm not sure it even makes 100% sense. But love isn't mean't to make sense, is it??! Ok, ok, i'm more than sure you are all wondering what specimen can make me declare my undying love live on blogger! Well, it is most definitely not any being of the mankind (sorry guys!) It is indeed a mere item of clothing, one that i feel i may have to sell my soul for...

McQ cape.
A whole £1405 and totally worth every penny.

Leather with shearling collar and lining, black (perfect!), just above the knee in length and just absolutely to die for. You have to try it on if nothing else. Perfectly compliments any outfit, smart or casual! Ideal for the chilly nights out and as a cover up it is second-to-none.
The hanger does it justice as does the person wearing it, I assure you it suits every body type and any age!

So, what can i sell on eBay next??? Hmmmmm!!Xxx

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