Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jukebox Jury...

What started out as a quiet afternoon walking down the Southbank resulted in a pretty amazing eve with the bezzie! The gallery was seriously pleasing, it made me want to go die my hair peroxide blonde, grab myself some curves and go pose for some iconic photographer!!!
We decided upon leaving that we simply needed food. So, we wandered over to Soho and stumbled across an American diner that has to have been straight out of Back To The Future. I was half expecting to see Marty McFly and Biff fighting in the corner! There were juke boxes on the table and classics blasting out of them! I wanted to don some roller boots and start serving shakes and fries. I definitely need to return here, a burger and a Corona was the best meal i have had for a while!! Both healthy and nutritious i feel! (Those in the know are aware of my lack of culinary skills!)

I sought out all my 20p's for the juke box, opting for 'Let's Go To San Fransisco' while Fran chose 'Bye Bye Baby.' There wasn't a still person in the whole diner. Perfect atmosphere all round!

We carried on our walk through Soho searching for a tattoo parlour when we came to a small pub. Bizarre interior welcomed us here! I have to say i was loving the stuffed animal heads on the wall. But when mixed with the disco ball...well, it just threw me a little. We thus decided to return to Balans. Our favoured bar way back in February. The trip that turned me into a wannabe Londoner!! We drank several cocktails, and i am lead to believe that you can also have breakfast here after a night painting Soho all kindsa colours! And oh it didn't stop there. As the fresh air hit us we got our second wind and returned home to Kennington and straight into the pub! Wine was on the menu and lots and lots of talking and laughing. (Mainly at the carpeted bar front however!!)

London will never cease to amaze me. Some days i have to pinch myself to see if i am actually here. To see if i have actually made this move and it's not all a dream! I half expect me to pack up some days and go home...just like an extended holiday! Then i remember, oh no Lucy, you are home! Very, very surreal but completely, utterly amazing at the same time!

So, not one to disappoint, i have of course brought you some pics of the places that captured my heart on the 20th day of September!!!Xxx

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