Thursday, 1 September 2011

One More Night...

One more day! One WHOLE day left of work (and a night painting the town red!!!) and i am out of Leeds for my new life in the Big Smoke! Of course i have purchased a new outfit for my last working day! I can't be letting down the fans now can i??!!!

I saw the item on a fellow bloggers post and immediately fell in love with it! I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw it was only from H&M!! It is sheer amazingness. So, on the fine day that was today, i chose to venture out on my lunch and buy something pretty for my last day. I am always drawn to H&M due to its great prices and the fact that some of the stock you never see on another person...unlike Topshop!!! In i went, having totally forgotten about the chosen item. I was looking for something chic, sexy, perhaps the suede dress i saw some time ago?! Instead i picked up a pair of trousers, and then it happened!!!!! There before me was this piece of heaven. Just one, on it's own, in a size 6...well, that was fate surely??! Totally mean't to be! Witout a second thought i took it straight to the till, picking up a pair of gold chandelier earrings on my way and handed over my cash money! All day long i have thought about it sitting there in my little locker...ahhhhh!

You see, normally i would post a picture of said item. But seeing as i stopped myself from telling people its description (i fear someone turning up in something similar!) i am going to wait until i have pictorial evidence and then post the pictures of the joyous/teary last day at my beloved work.

See you soon lovelies!!!Xxx

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