Friday, 16 September 2011

Stylist 100...

Going through a breakdown is life-changing. I was 26 when it happened and my life as I knew it ended. I confined myself to the four walls of my bedroom, I spoke to no-one and food never passed my lips.
Then I hit rock bottom. I sent a message to my long-suffering family telling them I wanted to end my life. Not knowing how to make a comeback, I knew for sure I didn’t want my life to end in a hospital ward…
16 months on and hours of counselling, I have never felt better. I made the painful decision to move away and am now making my mark on the capital. I work in fashion, I blog about fashion, I read about fashion and am now living my life for me!
Statistics show that 1 in 5 people will suffer from depression and that women are more likely to be treated for mental health related issues. Depression can be seen as a taboo subject which is why I’m writing about it here. If only one person goes away and seeks help then that’s one more person on the journey to recovery. And it’s definitely a journey that’s worth making.


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