Friday, 16 September 2011

Venn St. Records...

Whilst we're on the subject of places to visit in London, i am going to share with you another must-see venue. So, just a quiet day off in the Big Smoke where the tube took us to Clpaham Common. Here we rested our weary selves on the green, soaking up the sun and admiring the overhead planes. (Whilst wishing that we were on them and making up stories as to where we would be going. And don't tell me you never do the same, this is why God gave us imaginations!) After our brief spell sunning and petting dogs we took a walk around the Common and i tried not to get distracted by the fire-fighters by the small lake!! (Never good to look elsewhere in this situation, that goes for men AND women, so take note yeah??!) We made a stop at a delightful pub called The Sun, here we were fed and watered and the food was to die for. I opted for salmon and trout fishcakes with creme fraiche, the memory is now making me salivate slightly. Whilst my companion had the crab. I most definitely didn't accept the invite to taste however! A nasty run-in as a youngster keeps me away from all things crabby!!! (That goes for people also!)

After our stint in The Sun we took the short walk back to the tube station, taking time to check out the shops and cafe bars en route. Then we arrived at a bar that reminded me of home. The sign was lit up in neon red, the walls were covered with newspaper clippings and the menus on the tables were various record sleeves. We Are The Pigs by Suede jumping straight out at me! Even the name swung it for me 'Venn St. Records' Yes purrlease! This was my kind of place! The staff were beyond friendly, serving at the tables, chatty, smiley! Not something you get all that often. The toilet walls i could have read for hours. The cubicles were covered in Beatles and music festival memorabilia, i literally did not want to leave! So, here we stayed for...well, i dont think i could count the hours. The chat and the wine was flowing most generously and i felt completely my own. (Up until this point i had doubted my outfit. Which by the way hasn't made it on to here purely down to the fact that i felt more effort could have been made. Denim hot-pants, fringe-sleeved tee and cons! Hmmm perhaps some photos were captured throughout the course of the evening!)

The music ranged from Blondie to Robbie Williams, The Strokes, Kings of Leon, needless to say by the end there was definite dancing and yes, i have the proof!

Their resident band Redgrave were phenomonal. Renditions of 'Sex on Fire' and old James tracks took me way back to another time altogether! Consisting of two fine fellows, their voices and instruments they sure wowed the crowds and drew in the people from the surrounding cafes. You can book tables, see regular live music and enjoy the delights of cocktail hour! Oooooh don't mind if i do!

Get yourself down there and i assure you your search for the perfect bar will be over!!!Xxx

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