Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend Perfection...

And so here i am, after a weekend with the family (receiving the best news that not even i could have anticipated) back in London with laptop and Downton Abbey on the box! Perfect Sunday eve with the bezzie and lovely memories from the most perfect weekend! Acne skirt got another airing, new bag and shoes were bought and nephews showered me with hugs...I couldn't have asked for anything more!!!

I don't think the folk of Glinton were ready for velvet leggings and t-shirts that donned the words 'The Queen is Dead'...however, this didn't interfere with the joyous weekend. And a major plus point (aside from the obvious) is that Friends is back on Comedy Central!!! Rachel and Phoebe used to be my fashion inspirations...the sleeveless denims, tied-up denim shirts, cropped tops and high-waisted pants! I want to live in early 90's America!

Next stop...New York...although, I don't think that the Northern Line travels that far...!!!Xxx

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