Monday, 12 September 2011

Well, LOOK At What We Have Here...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!!!

...So, just an average break from work...nearing the end of a slightly busy/stressful/enjoyable day. Behold the best news of the day, via email by Blackberry of course...the second best way to receive joyous news, other than by stork!... 'LOOK Magazine Lounge opens at Westfield Stratford City – and you’re invited!!' The opportunity to blog for a magazine, from an actual fashion show. (Never listen to anyone when they say that magazine competitions aren't worth may just be the person who wins...!) This is like my ultimate dream come true! My eyes filled with tears. Seriously!

Now, I would like to say its always a stressful time moving to a new city...however, i wouldn't exactly know. Having always lived in the comfort of my own family i am now making it on my own (with occasional financial help from the rents...well come on, i have to fund the shopping habit down in the Smoke!!!) It's been a difficult and tiring week, and i don't cope with change. Somewhat a creature of habit you might say. This is completely out of my comfort zone and is taking some getting used to. So you can quite imagine my delight when i opened said email and was greeted with that superb headline. The feeling, i imagine, was like flying. My confidence sky rocketed and i think i was literally walking on air. (Which would have been amazing when one had been walking in the highest of wedges for approximately 12 hours!) Ahhh, another perfect occasion to don the new Acne combo. In my world it's a crime to be seen in the same outfit twice, fingers crossed i am not spotted by the same people...! Ahhh life in London is most certainly looking up...for many, many amazing reasons...Xxx

The all-important front row celebs!

New York Fashion Week. Edun SS12!

New York Fashion Week. Alexander Wang SS12...Love. It.

New York Fashion Week. DKNY SS12. Androgyny at its finest!

Purple is the new black and dressing as a man is totally back!!! All hail the all-powerful woMAN!

And then a little something for the ladies...if you hadn't already guessed, this is also from New York Fashion Week...lovely, lovely, HOT backstage shot...AHHHHH!!!!!...

I shall go to bed one very happy lady this eve!!!Xxx


  1. In love with Alexander Wang's collections


  2. It's absolutely amazing this season. Hes done a maxi in silk emerald green, i am totally in love with it!