Thursday, 29 September 2011

Winged Perfection...

So much to look forward to...babies, jobs, birthdays...the excitement is sky-high! As a result i could go on total fashion overload, however, i don't want to ambush everyone with a whole load of 'fashionologie!' So one post at a time.

Now if you read stylist magazine (i get it every Wednesday outside the station! Brilliant tube reading and i have even mastered the art of reading whilst swinging around a pole!!! No, no don't get excited i haven't taken up pole dancing!! I am referring to holding on while the tube swings me from pillar to post!) you may have already seen this. But i felt i had to post it after getting asked regularly how i have perfected my signature eye flick!

Having been wearing liquid eyeliner for the past four years i now have it down to a T!!! And at somne points it has been rather exaggerated. My Amy Winehouse stage was my personal fave and i several times had it called out to me whilst walking down the street! This was no insult to me. The girl was an absolute legend!

Gone are the days of me applying and then wiping it off due to uneven eyes! Should i use a thin brush or a thick brush??! Should i try a more expensive brand??! Well ladies the search for that perfect eyeliner is totally over...

In comes Dior's Velvet Eyes. A set of stick on winged transfers! The pack contains a socketed wing, a black studded wing, a crystallised wing and a classic sixties style shape! And it gets even better, they are totally re-usable. Which at £47.50 a pack is like music to the ears...or eyes!!! You simply press each one to the lash line and then apply your lashes! Just like falsies they will make your 'getting ready' time so much quicker, easier and stress free!

So, go on girls! Get yourself out there and give them a try. I assure you you will never look back!

Oh gosh, i can just imagine what my little niece is going to look like in a couple of years. How young can girls get tattoos these days, hmmmmm??!!!

Get ready for some serious posts hitting you over the next couple of days! As hyperactive isn't even the word!!!Xxx

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