Monday, 31 October 2011

In My Shoes...

Well i think its suffice to say that gold is totally in in a BIG way!!! I stepped into Topshop today to buy some new boots and i wasn't quite ready for what was waiting. Now, we all know that Topshop in London is not like the ones in small town places. Gone are the days of just Topshop shoes, you are now tempted with Kurt geiger and Carvela, a section i definitely have to stay away from. My bank balance this month is admittedly better than previous, but when one is holidaying on Saturday, extravagant purchases have to be kept to a minimum.

Anyway, i digress. Topshop was drowning in leather boots, velvet, leopard print, flats, heels, riding boots, sneakers, cowboy chic...oh my god they pretty much had it all! Infact they had my entire imagination splattered all over their store. FACT! I had actually gone in with the intention of buying a completely different pair. A pair i had seen on a previous visit and couln't get out of my head. I had been itching to get back there and try them on. However, my excitement was shortlived. The boots did nothing for me and i was about to leave completely heartbroken. Then all of a sudden, there they were!! The ultimate in ankle boot, a match made in heaven, love at first sight. A concept i am not familiar with!

A whole sixty of your British pounds, and worth every penny and maybe more! I was instantly in love, so much so that i stalked a woman around the shop until she put them down. A tactic i definitely don't use in any other aspect of my life, only when true, heartfelt love is involved. Then, i'm afraid, it's war!!! However, if these don't float your boat then here's few more to peruse...

Allegra 2 £75
The boots i had actually gone in for but came out without. Still amazing and sill beautiful on the foot as they are on the screen!! Gold studs are definitely the way forward!

Alexandra cut-out studded boot £80!
Slightly higher heel but perfect for the nights out. The studded detail is just enough to give them that contemporary edge, ideal for pairing with a bit of leather leg!!!

APT Velvet chelsea boot £75
Available in blue and black! These were hard to let go of i must admit! Loving the deep blue velvt, especially coming up to the festive season. However, should i get caught in particularly wintery weather i fear they wouldn't survive!

AMP Motorcylcle boot £75!
A boot i have dreamed about for quite sometime. I know that we shall be together at some point in time, we just haven't quite got there yet! Our time will come!

And so i shall go to bed this evening dreaming of my boots teamed with my new green midi skirt!! Perfect date attire methinks (Rhys Ifans on the big screen! How on earth am i going to stop myself swooning over another man??!!! Apologies in advance!) and ideal for holiday outings, ahhh now thats what we call a capsule wardrobe!!!Xxx

Friday, 28 October 2011

To Love Or Not to Love...

Once upon a time there was a Prince, Prince Charming was his name. He was the most perfect, handsome man in the entire Kingdom. He loved to be the Prince about town, dressed down in the most enviable attire, mixing in the best social circles. He met potential Princesses, disregarding them for the life of the eternal bachelor. Envied by many, doted on by several. He lead the grandest life by far...

* * * *

Or so it would seem!

Only last night i was having a discussion with one of my friends. The good thing about him is that he's 41, so totally out of the whole partying, man-around-town kinda thing. You know, that kind of man (pretty much like the above) that you are attracted to knowing that they are bad for you. So why do we do it??! We wouldn't eat food that we know would make us ill would we??! Why do men have to be so different??!

Call me a hopeless romantic if you will, i won't deny this. There is one thing that is always constant and thats love. Maybe not for a boy/girlfriend, husband or wife. This means that wasn't true love and simply wasn't mean't to be. But love for someone who you know will never falter, will never weaken and will always come through the bad times as well as the good. Life is nothing without love. You can make all the money in the world, travel to every single country twenty times over and back again, you can live in a palace and have rooms filled with art, antiques, porcelain and fashion (obviously!)...but what is it worth if you have no one to share it with??!

I suppose the point of my 'Once upon a time...' fairytale is to the people who think that they can survive on their own. Sure you can look after yourself, you never have to worry about people leaving or people breaking your heart..

* * * *

And so the Prince rides on home, high on his stallion to the modern, uber-chic pad kitted out with the latest artwork and designer garb! Having feasted and dined amongst the coolest, sipped champagne in the best and splashed money around like water. Homeward bound to the life-long bachelor status.

* * * *

Well, if it's all the same with you i will opt out of this way of life. I'll take the love (and the heartache that unboubtedly ensues!) Afterall, if you don' take the fall you can't appreciate the highs!

Again, not really a fashion related post! However, a post that many will undoubtedly relate to. And sometimes things just happen that makes you consider a multitude of other things, the domino effect!!

Anyhow, i shall be back in full force after the festivities of the weekend, holiday coutdown and the excitement of dinner at The Savoy!!!Xxx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Back To The Future...

And it's back to London with a bang! Night out in Clapham and then back to the grindstone today. And what a quiet grindstone it is! Half-term really does make people plough money in places other than our beloved store. However, on a plus side the tubes are slightly more bearable! But ask me that again at 9am tomorrow morning, my reponse may somewhat differ.
So much to look forward to and so little time to have to wait. I am actually rather liking the lead up to holiday due to the fact that when it gets here it will fly by without me even noticing! And i intend to enjoy every single moment of the trip, before, during and after!

Having just enjoyed a weekend with half of the family i am feeling most fresh for the start of the week. As usual tears ensued upon departure which makes me so thankful for the drinks last night! It constantly makes me question if i am doing the right thing but then i get back to my friends, win incentives (prize: two pieces of clothes or vouchers) and i realise that walking down Brick Lane in my (nearly bought) new Alexander Wang shirt definitely brings out the pros in my rather lengthy list of cons! Superficial you may say but there has to be some joyful positives to living so far away from the family! Even if it is material things such as new designer garb! Knowing that at some point i shall return to my homeland and continue my life there is quite a comforting thought, going backwards but in a life-changing positive kind of way!

But to get back to's moments like this that makes life worthwhile...

Not particularly fashion related, related. The things that are important, my ever-expanding family...oh and of course my new shirt!!! There you go, there's the fashion link!!!Xxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tell The World I'm Coming Home...

And so, with a small hangover in tow, that time of the month arrives where i pack up my troubles in my old kit bag and make the lovely journey home to mothers! Ahhh this thought shall keep me going til the bitter end today.
The Saturdays 'Ego' playing and 90210 on the box (just a few of my guilty pleasures. I am in shock that i just admitted that however my mood today is the best it has been since arriving in my new home!!!) The thought of seeing my beautiful nephews shall brighten this already great mood and make packing the solitary bag less of a chore. However, party time on Sunday night calls so the LBD is definitely coming out for an airing!

So, until Monday (Made In Chelsea day EXCITED!!!!!) have a fantastic weekend!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Strolling Down The Southbank...

So today took us on a stroll to Borough market. Unfortunately whenever we visit it never seems to be open, so i should really say 'Today took us to a completely desolate Borough market!!' It was good to work out where it was and fantastic to realise that it's within walking distance of our house. We stopped off for lunch after what was a whizz around the empty space. The pub was a purely traditional ale house that you come across in any great place. Cities and countryside alike. The menu was everything you'd expect, from fish and chips to pie and mash! I was in food heaven...and for anyone who knows me this isn't a regular occurrence!
After our rather late lunch we made our way to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. We plan to re-visit here to take in some culture and view one of Shakey's fine plays. An outing i am most looking forward to i have to say! We strolled along the Southbank and came upon the Tate Modern. I could walk around art galleries all day! There is something about them that i find so relaxing and calming. There is no need to agree with people on art either, it is what you make of it or what you see in it. I find myself lost in pieces and finding deeper things to look at. One of the central pieces was like something i had never seen before. A space filled with...nothing. People congregated in their groups sitting, laying, standing all around in huddles. Then at the far end a giant projection of varying images and colours. Something i could have watched for hours! I find it difficult to relax, i am one of those people that has to be on the go and doing something, anything! But standing there observing art was truly awe-inspiring.

The pictures aren't as clear as i would have liked which means that your only option is to get yourself down there and see it for yourself. Viewing it in person is a whole different feeling.

As we continued our walk down the Southbank i updated my facebook status with 'It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...' and it really is. The weather is getting fresher and crisper, there was a saxophonist playing on the bridge and the day was just starting to make its calm descend into night. I do love London at this point and i am even starting to look forward to the prospect of Christmas...NOT like me at all! Something most definitely has put a spring in my step!!

And here follows some other random snaps of the day...

Another fine day off in London town!!!Xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Scene In Public...

Situated in an old antiques warehouse 'Public is 5000 sq. foot of virgin industrial glam clubbing heaven!' And my god its sure worth every inch of that space it fills!

With its open brick walls, iron beams and DJ playing the latest definitely makes a night to remember! Right in the heart of Chelsea it brings everything you expect. Reserved tables, chillers filled with every drink possible and dancing and on the seats is always allowed! (Take my word for that one!!!)

It houses the ultimate in smoking rooms...and its internal! So good news for all you smokers out there in the middle of winter. No longer do you have to don the furs to keep you warm! The VIP room aptly named 'The Sweet Room'(due to it being designed like an old-fashioned sweet shop) allows the select few to stand above the entire club and view everyone down below.

I did hope to bump into Hugo and Spencer..but no suck luck!! However, Millie was strutting around the store on Saturday, i chose not to rush up and tell her how in love i am with her beatiful ex! I wanted to have my face intact for the impending night out!

Get yourself down there girlies, dancing and cocktail heaven! It really is the place to be seen!!!Xxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Back Room...

This band made up an entire relationship for me. So many great memories and i still love the fact that i can listen to them! Music has always played a massive part of my life. I love how just the opening notes can bring back an exact memory. You can remember where you were when you heard it, every feeling, every emotion...everything!!

Standing in Millennium Square with Andrew (i think i can use his real name by now!!!) was the best music moment i ever encountered. His easily recognisable and utterly outstanding voice filled the surrounding area and the atmosphere was simply electric. I can still remember it starting to rain, but this did not dampen the mood! I had purposely listened to their albums on my iPod for about a week before and was fully addicted to them in every way. (Obviously it also helps when the frontman is slightly easy on the eye!)
A year later i was lucky enough to see them play once more at Leeds Fest. Even though the relationship had ended, my love affair with The Editors most definitely hadn't!

I am yet to get to grips with posting videos from youtube on to my blog! So i simply made it easy for you again. Just click on the title of the post and the song will play! It was most difficult to choose my favourite song, so i just opted for another classic!


We're All Going On A Summer Holiday...

November should normally bring the start of winter coat season. Do we go for a Burberry trench or a woollen overcoat??! More than suitable for the snowy weather that will undoubtedly arrive! Out come the leather gloves, fur stoles and lengthy scarves!! Oh, but hang on a minute, thats what happens in the UK isn't it??! Silly me! Because as the 1st of November arrives i shall be preparing for a HOTTTTT break in the baking sun!
Packing, preening and preparing for sun, sea, sand and sangria! Ahhhhh...making pre-Christmas season all the more bearable! (The people who know me will understand that this is NOT my favourite time of year!!!)

My only fear being that shops are now sending back all their bathing suits, dresses and suitable attire for such heat. For a little Miss. Fashionista like myself, this doesn't really matter. I can physically make something wearable out of the most unwearable/hideous/ugly piece of clothing. 'Tis true, i am a real woman, making something out of nothing is our forte!!!

But just incase, i think a bit of online shopping is required. I would venture out to the shops but long working hours and late nights counting stock (yes thats right, stock not sheep!!!) means that days off are spent lounging in bed with my favourite people in One Tree Hill and 90210. However, sometimes i forget that these are just tv programmes and not real-life! Easy mistake obviously!!!

So, here are a few i have stumbled across. Not my ultimate choice but it isn't the height of Summer so i suppose you have to make do with what you can get...

Topshop star print bandeau bikini
Very Dolce!!!

Topshop purple push up bra
£13 and you can add the bottoms for £8
Perfect for a bit more shape and support on the beach or chilling with a cocktail by the side of the pool! (Gosh, i really am getting far too excited! Calm down Lucy, calm down, still three weeks to go!!!!!)

Topshop black tie-dye jersey cover up
Ideal for the afternoon walks or taking a slow stroll down the beach!

Miss. Selfridge coral Hawaiian print bikini

Miss. Selfridge rose column maxi dress
This will most definitely be in my case. Perfect for a cover up and a night out wining and dining!!!

H&M bikini top
A total bargain so this had to go up really! Its just so pretty and the colour is to die for! Team with bottoms and some pretty heavy bangles and you are all set for a day at the beach!

Topshop metal clip round sunglasses
The shape of the season and i am massively in love with it!

Topshop lilac round oversize sunglasses
Just a different take on the above and i simply cannot decide which ones to take! I am NOT a decision maker! If round isn't your look then Topshop still has an amazing range of sunglasses to offer!!!

Ahhhhh, looking at all these has made it even more real! Obviously the actual booking was real enough for me!

Just three weeks of work and visits to the family to get through and i will be leaving on a jetplane...!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

London Street Chic...

I shall never ever tire of looking at Street Style shots! Even more so when the fashion weeks are hanging around! The fashionistas come out in their finest to parade the streets of the city looking fabulous and totally walking the walk!!! I happen to be a massive fan of people watching, possibly more so the outfit watching. Looking at how they have put things together, accessories, bags, shoes, right form the smallest piece of jewellery to how many bangles adorn their blackberry holding hands!

From London to Paris to New York, i peruse photos upon photos for hours. And i have to say, as much as i love observing the European and Stateside fashions, i will always remain loyal to the UK. Now i am a resident of the Capital i feel more of a pull to the place and feel that no one does fashion better than here. Maybe on a par with , but as for better??! Hmmm, i'm not convinced...

Bip Ling, blogger - Topshop Unique outfit, Louis Vuitton bag and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Poppy Delevigne, model - Sass & Bide jacket and the token Ray Bans!

Matthew Zorpas, PR - Vivienne Westwood suit, Dries Van Noten shoes mixed with a vintage hat.

Mary Charteris, model - Sass & Bide dress, Child of Jago jacket, boots Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Various cool shots...just because i can!!

Ending with Tiffany Hsu a buyer. She is rocking a bit of Celine, Theory and Miu Miu. Love the bag, love the shoes, love the everything!

And finally, Rumi Neely, blogger! Wearing a mixture of Burberry, Zara and carrying a rather amazing Proenza Schouler bag!

I am pretty sure you will be seeing more of these posts over the next few days. I have gone street chic crazy. What more could you ask for fashion inspiration, than seeing models and bloggers alike wearing some of the seasons finest looks!!!Xxx

Sweet Isabel...

Isabel Marant is redefining Parisian chic. With a hot new collection, edgy but with a boho kick. She brings us a whole host of classic cuts, tassels, fringing, furs and shearlings! The runway is bursting at the seams with her contmporary take on modern-day elegance!

And she doesn't stop there!! Her weekend line, Etoile, has the same effortless chic as her mainline. From mohair knits, to jersey tees, plaid dresses and leopard print...oooh i don't know which i love the most!

Omaya laddered dress £365

Fringed leather pant £1405

Marant leather stretch (for the less adventurous) £1595

Alpaca-blend sweater £385

Manly suede and leather knee boots £970

Magnum goat hair coat £2830

Etoile Julian skinny jeans £320

Etoile oversized mohair jumper £340 (also available in red!)

Etoile tartan plaid dress £230

Etoile Pamina denim jacket £400

Mix and match from both of these divine collections for Marant's inimitable je ne sais quoi!!!Xxx