Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Back Room...

This band made up an entire relationship for me. So many great memories and i still love the fact that i can listen to them! Music has always played a massive part of my life. I love how just the opening notes can bring back an exact memory. You can remember where you were when you heard it, every feeling, every emotion...everything!!

Standing in Millennium Square with Andrew (i think i can use his real name by now!!!) was the best music moment i ever encountered. His easily recognisable and utterly outstanding voice filled the surrounding area and the atmosphere was simply electric. I can still remember it starting to rain, but this did not dampen the mood! I had purposely listened to their albums on my iPod for about a week before and was fully addicted to them in every way. (Obviously it also helps when the frontman is slightly easy on the eye!)
A year later i was lucky enough to see them play once more at Leeds Fest. Even though the relationship had ended, my love affair with The Editors most definitely hadn't!

I am yet to get to grips with posting videos from youtube on to my blog! So i simply made it easy for you again. Just click on the title of the post and the song will play! It was most difficult to choose my favourite song, so i just opted for another classic!


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