Sunday, 9 October 2011

Happy Birthday Franabelle...

Birthday times over and it's back to work we go! But boy did we go out with a bang! 'Ladies what lunch' really was everything and more. Champagne at The Wolseley and dancing in Venn St. Records sure made for a perfect Saturday!

The day time called for elegance and fur! A most excellent combination. The Doll jeans were out, heels and tweed, a proper little lady! However, night time arrived and the dancing shoes came on. Acne wedges sure are made for just that!!!

The Wolseley was simply to die for. Impeccable service, perfectly sized portions (i highly recommend the Taragon Chicken!) and the most comfortable surroundings. Very 1940's feel, from the grand exterior to the slightly Art Deco interior! Most definitely worth a repeat visit for High Tea!

From House Of Holland to Acne to Topshop and Vintage, oh we went all out and it was most definitely worth it...

So to then take it into yet another 'What I Wore...Last Night' post...Topshop leopard print vest, Acne skirt, DKNY clutch, sleevless Levi denim (charity shop chic!) and my lovely, lovely Acne Admire wedges!!!

Perfect day, perfect night, perfect friends!!!Xxx

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