Friday, 7 October 2011

I'm Back...

And so here i am, three days since my last post (and let me tell you, it feels like a lot more) fed, watered (or wined!!!) and watching Sixth Sense in my little abode! Pre-birthday celebrations done, awaiting actual festivities on the moro! Lunch and partying until the wee hours sounds pretty perfect to me!!! Holiday booked and the thought of lying on a beach for a whole week will definitely get me through the next month. Working so hard is really going to pay off! Well done to me... a massive pat on the back and a Sangria (or two) to top it off. Ahhh, i couldn't ask for anything more! Just tomorrows outfit(s) to work out...(Thank God it's day off!!!)

So, until then i shall leave you to enjoy ones Friday evening and i shall think of you when i'm dining in The Wolseley and drinking champagne...oh it's such a tough life! Photos to be uploaded coming soon so fear not i shall be ready and armed at next post!

Happy Weekend!!!Xxx

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