Monday, 31 October 2011

In My Shoes...

Well i think its suffice to say that gold is totally in in a BIG way!!! I stepped into Topshop today to buy some new boots and i wasn't quite ready for what was waiting. Now, we all know that Topshop in London is not like the ones in small town places. Gone are the days of just Topshop shoes, you are now tempted with Kurt geiger and Carvela, a section i definitely have to stay away from. My bank balance this month is admittedly better than previous, but when one is holidaying on Saturday, extravagant purchases have to be kept to a minimum.

Anyway, i digress. Topshop was drowning in leather boots, velvet, leopard print, flats, heels, riding boots, sneakers, cowboy chic...oh my god they pretty much had it all! Infact they had my entire imagination splattered all over their store. FACT! I had actually gone in with the intention of buying a completely different pair. A pair i had seen on a previous visit and couln't get out of my head. I had been itching to get back there and try them on. However, my excitement was shortlived. The boots did nothing for me and i was about to leave completely heartbroken. Then all of a sudden, there they were!! The ultimate in ankle boot, a match made in heaven, love at first sight. A concept i am not familiar with!

A whole sixty of your British pounds, and worth every penny and maybe more! I was instantly in love, so much so that i stalked a woman around the shop until she put them down. A tactic i definitely don't use in any other aspect of my life, only when true, heartfelt love is involved. Then, i'm afraid, it's war!!! However, if these don't float your boat then here's few more to peruse...

Allegra 2 £75
The boots i had actually gone in for but came out without. Still amazing and sill beautiful on the foot as they are on the screen!! Gold studs are definitely the way forward!

Alexandra cut-out studded boot £80!
Slightly higher heel but perfect for the nights out. The studded detail is just enough to give them that contemporary edge, ideal for pairing with a bit of leather leg!!!

APT Velvet chelsea boot £75
Available in blue and black! These were hard to let go of i must admit! Loving the deep blue velvt, especially coming up to the festive season. However, should i get caught in particularly wintery weather i fear they wouldn't survive!

AMP Motorcylcle boot £75!
A boot i have dreamed about for quite sometime. I know that we shall be together at some point in time, we just haven't quite got there yet! Our time will come!

And so i shall go to bed this evening dreaming of my boots teamed with my new green midi skirt!! Perfect date attire methinks (Rhys Ifans on the big screen! How on earth am i going to stop myself swooning over another man??!!! Apologies in advance!) and ideal for holiday outings, ahhh now thats what we call a capsule wardrobe!!!Xxx

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