Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sweet Isabel...

Isabel Marant is redefining Parisian chic. With a hot new collection, edgy but with a boho kick. She brings us a whole host of classic cuts, tassels, fringing, furs and shearlings! The runway is bursting at the seams with her contmporary take on modern-day elegance!

And she doesn't stop there!! Her weekend line, Etoile, has the same effortless chic as her mainline. From mohair knits, to jersey tees, plaid dresses and leopard print...oooh i don't know which i love the most!

Omaya laddered dress £365

Fringed leather pant £1405

Marant leather stretch (for the less adventurous) £1595

Alpaca-blend sweater £385

Manly suede and leather knee boots £970

Magnum goat hair coat £2830

Etoile Julian skinny jeans £320

Etoile oversized mohair jumper £340 (also available in red!)

Etoile tartan plaid dress £230

Etoile Pamina denim jacket £400

Mix and match from both of these divine collections for Marant's inimitable je ne sais quoi!!!Xxx

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