Monday, 17 October 2011

Scene In Public...

Situated in an old antiques warehouse 'Public is 5000 sq. foot of virgin industrial glam clubbing heaven!' And my god its sure worth every inch of that space it fills!

With its open brick walls, iron beams and DJ playing the latest definitely makes a night to remember! Right in the heart of Chelsea it brings everything you expect. Reserved tables, chillers filled with every drink possible and dancing and on the seats is always allowed! (Take my word for that one!!!)

It houses the ultimate in smoking rooms...and its internal! So good news for all you smokers out there in the middle of winter. No longer do you have to don the furs to keep you warm! The VIP room aptly named 'The Sweet Room'(due to it being designed like an old-fashioned sweet shop) allows the select few to stand above the entire club and view everyone down below.

I did hope to bump into Hugo and Spencer..but no suck luck!! However, Millie was strutting around the store on Saturday, i chose not to rush up and tell her how in love i am with her beatiful ex! I wanted to have my face intact for the impending night out!

Get yourself down there girlies, dancing and cocktail heaven! It really is the place to be seen!!!Xxx

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