Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Strolling Down The Southbank...

So today took us on a stroll to Borough market. Unfortunately whenever we visit it never seems to be open, so i should really say 'Today took us to a completely desolate Borough market!!' It was good to work out where it was and fantastic to realise that it's within walking distance of our house. We stopped off for lunch after what was a whizz around the empty space. The pub was a purely traditional ale house that you come across in any great place. Cities and countryside alike. The menu was everything you'd expect, from fish and chips to pie and mash! I was in food heaven...and for anyone who knows me this isn't a regular occurrence!
After our rather late lunch we made our way to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. We plan to re-visit here to take in some culture and view one of Shakey's fine plays. An outing i am most looking forward to i have to say! We strolled along the Southbank and came upon the Tate Modern. I could walk around art galleries all day! There is something about them that i find so relaxing and calming. There is no need to agree with people on art either, it is what you make of it or what you see in it. I find myself lost in pieces and finding deeper things to look at. One of the central pieces was like something i had never seen before. A space filled with...nothing. People congregated in their groups sitting, laying, standing all around in huddles. Then at the far end a giant projection of varying images and colours. Something i could have watched for hours! I find it difficult to relax, i am one of those people that has to be on the go and doing something, anything! But standing there observing art was truly awe-inspiring.

The pictures aren't as clear as i would have liked which means that your only option is to get yourself down there and see it for yourself. Viewing it in person is a whole different feeling.

As we continued our walk down the Southbank i updated my facebook status with 'It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...' and it really is. The weather is getting fresher and crisper, there was a saxophonist playing on the bridge and the day was just starting to make its calm descend into night. I do love London at this point and i am even starting to look forward to the prospect of Christmas...NOT like me at all! Something most definitely has put a spring in my step!!

And here follows some other random snaps of the day...

Another fine day off in London town!!!Xxx

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  1. Sounds like a great day out - I've not visited Borough Market or the Globe Theatre yet, but will make sure I choose a day when the market is open!!!