Sunday, 2 October 2011

(What I'm Wearing Today...) These Shorts Were Made For Walking...

So, i know i haven't posted a 'What I'm Wearing Today' for a while, but when you spend day after day in all black it is hard to get enthusiastic and take photos of what could be the same outfit day in day out! Let alone try and get other people excited about it. It has got to the stage that even on my days off i have quite possibly forgotten how to co-ordinate any other outfit that has any amount of colour in it. I end up choosing black!!! I go into shops and i head straight for the black items! Oh this is so very wrong!!! Apart form my Acne skirt, black is now strictly forbidden for day-off attire!

On my most recent day off the weather made choosing clothes even harder. It reached a high of about 30 i'm guessing! Far too hot for any clothing if you ask me. Now, i do find some Summer clothes most inappropriate. I have playsuit upon playsuit, from florals through to leopard print. However, these do strike me as beachwear. I couldn't seriously leave the house in it to shop and then possibly end up in a restaurant! No, no, no! So instead i went for my trusty denim hot-pants...(I felt that i should possibly make the most of hot-pant wearing days. Considering it was the 1st of October, i don't think there will be too many more of them!) Smiths tee, my new clutch (just to mix up the casual and slightly formal! Little Topshop current pride and joy!) and my cons (with ankle socks of course!!!)

I walked for four hours straight around London. Who needs to sign up to some over-priced, poser-filled gym??! Definitely not me!!! Don't waste money on vulgar gym attire and footwear (hideous!) throw on the usual and get yourself walking. Whether it be form shop to shop or bar to bar (ahem!!!) it is most definitely the way forward...literally!!!Xxx

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