Friday, 28 October 2011

To Love Or Not to Love...

Once upon a time there was a Prince, Prince Charming was his name. He was the most perfect, handsome man in the entire Kingdom. He loved to be the Prince about town, dressed down in the most enviable attire, mixing in the best social circles. He met potential Princesses, disregarding them for the life of the eternal bachelor. Envied by many, doted on by several. He lead the grandest life by far...

* * * *

Or so it would seem!

Only last night i was having a discussion with one of my friends. The good thing about him is that he's 41, so totally out of the whole partying, man-around-town kinda thing. You know, that kind of man (pretty much like the above) that you are attracted to knowing that they are bad for you. So why do we do it??! We wouldn't eat food that we know would make us ill would we??! Why do men have to be so different??!

Call me a hopeless romantic if you will, i won't deny this. There is one thing that is always constant and thats love. Maybe not for a boy/girlfriend, husband or wife. This means that wasn't true love and simply wasn't mean't to be. But love for someone who you know will never falter, will never weaken and will always come through the bad times as well as the good. Life is nothing without love. You can make all the money in the world, travel to every single country twenty times over and back again, you can live in a palace and have rooms filled with art, antiques, porcelain and fashion (obviously!)...but what is it worth if you have no one to share it with??!

I suppose the point of my 'Once upon a time...' fairytale is to the people who think that they can survive on their own. Sure you can look after yourself, you never have to worry about people leaving or people breaking your heart..

* * * *

And so the Prince rides on home, high on his stallion to the modern, uber-chic pad kitted out with the latest artwork and designer garb! Having feasted and dined amongst the coolest, sipped champagne in the best and splashed money around like water. Homeward bound to the life-long bachelor status.

* * * *

Well, if it's all the same with you i will opt out of this way of life. I'll take the love (and the heartache that unboubtedly ensues!) Afterall, if you don' take the fall you can't appreciate the highs!

Again, not really a fashion related post! However, a post that many will undoubtedly relate to. And sometimes things just happen that makes you consider a multitude of other things, the domino effect!!

Anyhow, i shall be back in full force after the festivities of the weekend, holiday coutdown and the excitement of dinner at The Savoy!!!Xxx

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