Thursday, 13 October 2011

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday...

November should normally bring the start of winter coat season. Do we go for a Burberry trench or a woollen overcoat??! More than suitable for the snowy weather that will undoubtedly arrive! Out come the leather gloves, fur stoles and lengthy scarves!! Oh, but hang on a minute, thats what happens in the UK isn't it??! Silly me! Because as the 1st of November arrives i shall be preparing for a HOTTTTT break in the baking sun!
Packing, preening and preparing for sun, sea, sand and sangria! Ahhhhh...making pre-Christmas season all the more bearable! (The people who know me will understand that this is NOT my favourite time of year!!!)

My only fear being that shops are now sending back all their bathing suits, dresses and suitable attire for such heat. For a little Miss. Fashionista like myself, this doesn't really matter. I can physically make something wearable out of the most unwearable/hideous/ugly piece of clothing. 'Tis true, i am a real woman, making something out of nothing is our forte!!!

But just incase, i think a bit of online shopping is required. I would venture out to the shops but long working hours and late nights counting stock (yes thats right, stock not sheep!!!) means that days off are spent lounging in bed with my favourite people in One Tree Hill and 90210. However, sometimes i forget that these are just tv programmes and not real-life! Easy mistake obviously!!!

So, here are a few i have stumbled across. Not my ultimate choice but it isn't the height of Summer so i suppose you have to make do with what you can get...

Topshop star print bandeau bikini
Very Dolce!!!

Topshop purple push up bra
£13 and you can add the bottoms for £8
Perfect for a bit more shape and support on the beach or chilling with a cocktail by the side of the pool! (Gosh, i really am getting far too excited! Calm down Lucy, calm down, still three weeks to go!!!!!)

Topshop black tie-dye jersey cover up
Ideal for the afternoon walks or taking a slow stroll down the beach!

Miss. Selfridge coral Hawaiian print bikini

Miss. Selfridge rose column maxi dress
This will most definitely be in my case. Perfect for a cover up and a night out wining and dining!!!

H&M bikini top
A total bargain so this had to go up really! Its just so pretty and the colour is to die for! Team with bottoms and some pretty heavy bangles and you are all set for a day at the beach!

Topshop metal clip round sunglasses
The shape of the season and i am massively in love with it!

Topshop lilac round oversize sunglasses
Just a different take on the above and i simply cannot decide which ones to take! I am NOT a decision maker! If round isn't your look then Topshop still has an amazing range of sunglasses to offer!!!

Ahhhhh, looking at all these has made it even more real! Obviously the actual booking was real enough for me!

Just three weeks of work and visits to the family to get through and i will be leaving on a jetplane...!!!Xxx

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