Saturday, 8 October 2011

What I'm Wearing Today...

So, the 'What I'm Wearing' today post is actually from about three days ago, but not having access to a computer prevented me from uploading said post at the time. I'm not a fan of packing for a few days away. How the hell do i know what i'm going to want to wear the day after and the day after that??! I don't know where i will end up going, what mood i will be in. Thank the Lord for little red hot pants still being at Mothers, perfect attire for an impromptu night out in Leeds with the old crowd!!!

Anyway, i didn't too bad at packing this time. I always like to pack some simple bottoms that will go with anything. This normally means my (p)leather leggings or my high-waisted skinnies. Wonderful with tops over or tucked in, worn with cons or boots!!! Another perk is having family that have equally as good dress sense to me, oh, hello wardobes!!!

So, today (or rather Wednesday) i opted for skinnies, lace shirt (which is absolutely EVERYWHERE this season!) my favourite leather at the mo and my new ankle boots...oh, and not forgetting new bag! Everyone loves a pay day millionaire...

Topshop boots £75. Almost like the Acne pistol but a cheaper option and double-zipped!!!

Topshop bag £36. Mary Poppins would be jealous, a bag to literally pack up your world in! (And ideal for losing keys right in the bottom of!!!!!)

Lace shirt £13. Portobello market really does come up with some real gems!

Fringed leather £10. Ryan Vintage, Leeds. Bought a year and a half ago and never worn. You now won't see it off my back!!!

To be out of black really is like heaven. Goth chic is firmly out of the window for a shortwhile. Now to turn my attention to todays outfits! Oooooh excited!!!Xxx

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