Monday, 28 November 2011

I'll Be Back...

So, it has been over a week and me and my internet are still not on speaking terms. I feel that we have reached the end of a very long road, but one that will one day undergo a makeover and shall just carry on as normal! My trusty Blackberry has been amazing for allowing me to do this, but unfortunately not so amazing in letting you kind folk see the hammering my camera has taken over this past week! So many photos to upload and so much news to speak of, trips home, karaoke in The New Penny (don't ask!!), Winter Wonderland madness and...oh, just so much! I am literally going to go wild with excitement when my internet stops being stroppy and befriends me once more!

So, from this little ADM...what?! Sorry, did I fail to mention that??! Silly me! Yes, yes I am now the ADM on ladies shoes! Just slighty happy you ask??! Totally frickin stoked more like!!!
Anyway, where was I??! Oh yes, so from this f**kin over the moon ADM I bid you all a farewell and I hope that the next time we meet I am live back on't web (must never forget my Leeds roots!!!) And firing photos at you left, right and centre!

Ciao darlings!!!Xxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fear And Loving...

I feel I should apologise to all my fellow bloggers for, yet again, not posting any updates for a couple of days! It has become increasingly difficult to access the internet so as a result my dear blog takes the consequences! Ahhh the poor thing! However, I am totally on to sorting this so all will be corrected, business will resume and all will be right in the world again. As soon as I return from the motherland I will be fully live back on the tinterweb and blogging my little (big) heart out, so fear not...I'll be back!!!Xxx

Friday, 18 November 2011

The One Before The 200th...('What I Wore Today...')

Apologies for the blog overload. But after a week in the sun i was having major withdrawal symptoms, clammy hands, the shakes...oh allsorts! So i thought the only way to rid myself of these side effects is to post more and more and more! Anyone would think i was just doing it to get to the 200th post...haha as if i would do that...but just so you know this is now post 199...!

Moving swiftly on!Days off, as always, prove difficult in terms of attire. I live in all black five days a week so of course one would think that ones day off should bring colour and florals...oh but not for me! If something ain't broke why fix it right??! So black is the colour i donned today, with a hint of pink and a small amount of white! Well a leopard will never change it's spots! Black will always be the coolest most chic colour in fashion.

Colours come and go but black always remains...

My number one Acne skirt. Bit like a half-blood (Harry Potter geek!), half maxi, half mini! Love to get a bit of leg out! Word to the wise though, if you do go purchase this amazing piece of material then go at least two sizes down. You have been warned.
The boots are pretty much adorning every other persons feet in London at the moment. Topshop beauties, slightly like the Acne Pistols but at least a third of the price. Perfect accompaniment to any outfit. My poor Opening Ceremonys are starting to feel like the gooseberry in our relationship. Cruelly stuck in my locker for well over a month...i'm a bad mother!
My fave leather, you've heard the story before but incase you haven't...bought for a mere £10 back in good old Leeds nearly two years ago (ahhhhh Ryan Vintage, i miss that place!) and never worn. Pulled out one day and it has graced my body ever since. Well now that is what we call true love! A lucky item if ever i met one!
My beloved Sonic Youth t-shirt, a gift from old friend Gareth during our Tiger years. Sentimental value to the core (and i totally wore it to go Parascending last week!!!)
Alice Temperley scarf tied limply around the neck! (I will change that to a Louis Vuitton scarf one day!)
Can't beat a bit of layering during the start of this true wintery weather. Oversized leather with dropped shoulders (all in the style of Acne) fringing, maxi's, no make-up (probably not such a good look) gotta love these lazy winter Fridays around town!

And how i forgot i don't know, but i recently changed my hair colour, again!! Yes, yes i know it will fall out one day but while i still have some i am all for changing it! I am sure you will have all seen the advert on tv for 'Colour B4' (i think??!) its £12.25 from Boots or Superdrug and it strips your hair of colour without using bleach or ammonia...apparently! Well, i am living proof that it works. From dark browny/reddy/purpley to this...

Who knows how long this will last but i like it at the mo, plus it's still dip-dyed with the ends pushing a blondey colour!

Add red lips and eye flicks and i feel like a poor man's pin-up girl!!!Xxx

Stand On The Word... (DVF SS12)...

I really do love this time of year! No, i'm not talking about Christmas, come on, this is me!!! The only festive things i will be taking part in will be seeing 'Arthur Christmas' (it's a must!!) and visiting The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! A bigger, better version of the German market on offer in my hometown! But, of course, i'm talking about the SS12 collections arriving in store! (Duh!) Having only just had my summer holiday and not really embracing this winter in any way, it's hard to believe that next summers lines are already mass produced and winging their way to every fashion port imaginable. Crazy! However, i am NOT one to moan, i am instead drooling over every item and picking out what i will buy already!!! I'm not one to have a winter and summer wardrobe, hell no! You will certainly see me on the deepest, darkest winters day wearing a maxi. Just to be rebellious of course. And its always good to be ahead of the times where fashion is concerned! The fact that we get the CEO's of the labels coming in to give us the lowdown on the brands, what they're producing, their latest concepts, where they will be seen!!! Hell, its like fashion heaven at work at the moment! Screw days off, i wanna be in the heart of it all the time!

So, on my delightful 9-6 shift this week we had a guy in from DVF, he delivered a training on the new collection. Showing us a short video from New York Fashion Week where Diane showcased her resort collection. Totally reminded me of 80's/90's America, a mix between Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Coming To America. Seriously right up my street!

As we well know, Diane is the second most powerful woman in fashion (behind Anna Wintour of course!) not every designer has a fashion show for their resort lines...but this is the House of Diane and whatever Diane wants, Diane gets! (Ahhh i must take some tips from this fashion goddess!)

Florals are most definitely going to be big for DVF in SS12. Block colours will also rule throughout, going from the orange and cobalt blues of SS11 we have now stepped into bright yellow, coral, still staying with the orange and adding a dash of green! They have the signature wrap dress inter-mingled with the faux wrap, which may i say is uber-flattering on any woman! The yellow mini featured in the top photo is just as amazing in the flesh! Especially teamed with the boyfriend blazer, a heavy kinda tweed (so also perfect for the winter time!! Ahh you see, not just a pretty face afterall!) it's yellow lining gives it that summer feel and makes it most definitely stand out in the crowd. They have also stepped into a more tailored look, producing perfctly thigh-skimming pencil skirts and the cropped trouser, set to be massive next season!

DVF never cease to amaze, year upon year their collections just better themselves. Head designer Yvan has gone all out with resort! Simple dresses with elbow length sleeves, ideal for those women who like to cover up the upper arm! (my Mum is definitely a culprit of that!) Zip details from the hem up for those who want to make the transition from work wear to disco queen in the evening. Be bold and make a statement in a piece of DVF. Oversized shirts in block coral, perfect over your token leather leggings (every girl must own a pair of these! Drive the men me on that one!) blouses for teaming with the skirts or dressing up your favourite skinnies! There really is something for everyone.

Seriously ladies you MUST check it out! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!Xxx

Watch the full show just over there to the left...well go on then!!!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dazed & Confused...

The long awaited day off shall greet me as soon i open my eyes on the moro! And i am going to savour that very feeling of not being woken up by an alarm! Ahhh bliss! However, it is a sad day when you realise that you still have to be up and about to 'do washing'...when did my life involve doing my own washing??! Pfft. Although, i do have to admit that i find it rather theraputic. But shhh, don't tell everyone!

So, today brought a small amount of bad news but nothing that can deter me from my new life for too long. As i keep saying over and over, all things happen for a reason and somethings just aren't mean't to be. Yes, it upsets for a brief moment but then you pick yourself back up, look for something cool and happenin' in the London town and get the f**k on with it. So that's what i did...

"Dazed & Confused has been a go-to reference for style and culture since its explosive launch in London in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and renowned photographer Rankin. Quickly developing into a notoriously creative platform for new artists, musicians, designers, and filmmakers, and being widely known for its irreverent attitude, Dazed & Confused represented a new wave in the British press, bringing together figures from an assortment of fields and eras to produce extraordinary interviews and original artwork exclusively for the magazine."

Yes, tomorrow shall take me and my fellow ginger friend along to the Dazed & Confused 20 year celebration down at Somerset House. I shall be camera ready and aptly dressed for this small get together of the coolest people in fashion/music/media...pretty much life!!!

Anyone who is anyone needs to get themselves down there! View photography from the likes of Nick Knight and Terry Richardson, specially commissioned projects by Damien Hirst and Sam Taylor-Wood, cutting edge fashion pages from the one and only Nicola Formichetti and designs from the greatest...Westwood, Pugh and the late McQueen! You simply couldn't ask for anything more, they have truly gone above and beyond, exceeded all expectations! So, i shall see you there, yes??!

A weekend full of work with intervals of fashion, lifestyle (wine) sleepovers (wine), chats, giggles (wine), bezzies and the boy...oh, and did i mention wine??!! Ahhhhh perfect!!!Xxx

'What I Wore Today...'

Yes, yes another one of those posts all about outfits and places etc etc...well, you know the drill by now! I feel i have to get these out of the way before my holiday seems that long ago that i can't remember what outfit was worn for what occasion! Being back at work has been great (i can't believe i just admitted that, but those who know me know that i am a work geek!) and having had a recent training on DVF i am dying to do a post on this. However, this calls for concentration. So my day off will produce this much needed post, whilst i do my holiday washing...finally!!!

So this outfit had to be worn nearing the end of the holiday! It called for a tan, and a serious one at that!! This top is from Topshop and was actually bought about two years ago but i do believe they still have an identical one in stores now! It is pretty revealing and daring as a result. Only the bravest of the brave will wear this out to watch the local band in the American diner (something must have come over me that night to even dare step out in it!!) The skirt is my new favourite item. this is also from Topshop (yes, i'm also a Topshop freak!) the colour is everywhere this season and perfect for brightening up those Winter blues. (Willow SS12 collection has a bright green skirt in and is totally effin hot!!!) Perfect with legs out and flats or heels and equally as stunning with a pair of opaques. I could tell you where the belt is from but i think you can guess...! Topshop have the skirts on offer in pink and turquoise and a gorgeous little black one with a leather trim! Perfect for the AW season!
Grab it whilst you can...


Monday, 14 November 2011

Holiday Perfection...

Just a small world away from the life of retail, endless tube stations and the hustle and bustle of a city life. Swap all this with sandy beaches, rolling waves, slides of death and just casually hangin' in the clouds with your bezzie. Of course the odd night out was thrown in there so there will be more than a few 'What I'm Wearing Today...' posts...other than a differnt bikini!!!

Ahhhhh it really was the life for a shortwhile...

I could go on and add a whole bunch more but i reckon i will save the rest for personal sakes!

From the sunshine to the dolphin show, drinking champagne on the beach and watching the sunset every night, it really was a perfect break from the busy life of a city girl fashionista!

Ahhh its nice to be back!!!Xxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Leaving On A Jetplane...

Passport. Check
Euros. Check
Overly packed and full to bursting case. Check

And so the day has arrived! In a few small hours i will be boarding that plane to the sunnier climes of Tenerife. With the promise of sun, sea and sand beckoning...absolutely nothing will spoil my mood. Interview done and dusted, several wines consumed on holiday eve, work over for quite sometime and the prospect of SS12 collections to view upon my return. Ahhh i do love this time of year! Don't get me wrong, i am still the biggest Scrooge you shall ever meet however, in fashion terms it is the most exciting time!!!

Now i could get totally carried away, but it is only 07:45 a.m. so i have to even out the hyperactivity throughout the course of the day.

Until my return i bid you all farewell. With the promise of many photos to show and the ultimate in 'What I Wore Today...' posts, i wish you all the most amazing week!

So long, farewell...!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Louboutin Love...

Now there comes a time when you always regret letting go of something. I had this absolutely gut-wrenching feeling just a couple of days ago...

Just casually strolling on to my floor of a Monday morning, quite refreshed from what was actually rather a hectic weekend. Then low and behold, right there before me 'Christian Louboutin book signing. 1st floor' Well, i could have cried and run screaming into the streets right there and then. Only a few small months ago did i bid farewell to a whole lotta Louboutin loving. My one true love thigh-highs riding off to some new home, some new carer (sob!) Utter devestation spread across my cheery face, turning my mood somewhat sombre. However, like any true professional, i didn't let this deter me from my busy day at work...!

When the pain subsided we couldn't speak of anything else. (I was reminded of the purchases i made through selling said boot and the mood was instantly brightened!! So superficial i know!) The arrival of the Louboutin book was enough to put a smile on anyones face. Added to the prospect of having the very man himself in store...well, let's just say the day passed with much excitement! Most definitely the day i will take a brief stroll around 1st floor...just to see my old managers of course. Purely business.

(Time and date TBC. Amidst all the hype of the day this was the only (and the most important) fact i didn't note down, hence why it completely escapes me now!)

Note to self: autographs are NEVER acceptable! But maybe if i buy a book, hmmmmm...!!!Xxx