Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dazed & Confused...

The long awaited day off shall greet me as soon i open my eyes on the moro! And i am going to savour that very feeling of not being woken up by an alarm! Ahhh bliss! However, it is a sad day when you realise that you still have to be up and about to 'do washing'...when did my life involve doing my own washing??! Pfft. Although, i do have to admit that i find it rather theraputic. But shhh, don't tell everyone!

So, today brought a small amount of bad news but nothing that can deter me from my new life for too long. As i keep saying over and over, all things happen for a reason and somethings just aren't mean't to be. Yes, it upsets for a brief moment but then you pick yourself back up, look for something cool and happenin' in the London town and get the f**k on with it. So that's what i did...

"Dazed & Confused has been a go-to reference for style and culture since its explosive launch in London in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and renowned photographer Rankin. Quickly developing into a notoriously creative platform for new artists, musicians, designers, and filmmakers, and being widely known for its irreverent attitude, Dazed & Confused represented a new wave in the British press, bringing together figures from an assortment of fields and eras to produce extraordinary interviews and original artwork exclusively for the magazine."

Yes, tomorrow shall take me and my fellow ginger friend along to the Dazed & Confused 20 year celebration down at Somerset House. I shall be camera ready and aptly dressed for this small get together of the coolest people in fashion/music/media...pretty much life!!!

Anyone who is anyone needs to get themselves down there! View photography from the likes of Nick Knight and Terry Richardson, specially commissioned projects by Damien Hirst and Sam Taylor-Wood, cutting edge fashion pages from the one and only Nicola Formichetti and designs from the greatest...Westwood, Pugh and the late McQueen! You simply couldn't ask for anything more, they have truly gone above and beyond, exceeded all expectations! So, i shall see you there, yes??!

A weekend full of work with intervals of fashion, lifestyle (wine) sleepovers (wine), chats, giggles (wine), bezzies and the boy...oh, and did i mention wine??!! Ahhhhh perfect!!!Xxx

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