Monday, 28 November 2011

I'll Be Back...

So, it has been over a week and me and my internet are still not on speaking terms. I feel that we have reached the end of a very long road, but one that will one day undergo a makeover and shall just carry on as normal! My trusty Blackberry has been amazing for allowing me to do this, but unfortunately not so amazing in letting you kind folk see the hammering my camera has taken over this past week! So many photos to upload and so much news to speak of, trips home, karaoke in The New Penny (don't ask!!), Winter Wonderland madness and...oh, just so much! I am literally going to go wild with excitement when my internet stops being stroppy and befriends me once more!

So, from this little ADM...what?! Sorry, did I fail to mention that??! Silly me! Yes, yes I am now the ADM on ladies shoes! Just slighty happy you ask??! Totally frickin stoked more like!!!
Anyway, where was I??! Oh yes, so from this f**kin over the moon ADM I bid you all a farewell and I hope that the next time we meet I am live back on't web (must never forget my Leeds roots!!!) And firing photos at you left, right and centre!

Ciao darlings!!!Xxx

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